iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

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was this floor washing robot used by the jetsons?

Been meaning to get one of these… but how do they do on hardwood floors?

how many decibels we talking during use of this bad boy?

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I’ve owned one of these since a Woot-off some years back. I love it. It does a better job mopping that I ever could. Doesn’t leave lots of dirty water behind. And, despite the official line, it has never harmed my Pergo laminated floor.

Two thumbs and two big toes up on this item.

I bought one of these 3 years ago from here and I love it! Warning though, I’ve gone through 3 batteries. They don’t last.

Oh, and I have hardwood floors.

It took me a long time to join woot because every time I looked at the site, they had these. I thought Roombas and flying monkeys were all they sold.

Enough with these floor cleaning robot’s. Because of woot, I wake up in a sweat having gone through another horrible nightmare of being chased by these robotic rodent’s that won’t leave me alone until they’ve gone over every piece of flooring in my house! Thanks a lot!

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I bought two last time. Both arrived dead. Shipped one back to Woot for replacement, iRobot replaced the power supply for the second. The new charger didn’t work, I’m exchanging the entire robot this time.

These would be fantastic robots if they worked.

How long have you used it on your Pergo? I have a Pergo floor and really would like to try it out but I must admit, I am a little scared…

I bought one the last time Woot had them. It is not too loud, sounds sort of like a hair dryer. It seems to go a good job, it gets confused sometimes in my kitchen because of the shape and it doesn’t clean under the kick plates because of its size. But over all I like it so far.

Can you use other cleaning solutions or you got to use the special Sooba Clorax cleaning solution?

It works great when it works, which isn’t as long as it should. The battery is problem 1. When the first one died (refused to keep a charge) after almost a year of use, we ran out and bought an expensive replacement . . . which lasted about half as long as the first. Until iRobot improves the batteries and their battery price point, I can’t recommend this.

I got one the last time it was on Woot, and I LOVE it. I use tap water with a smidge of vinegar. It does a wonderful job on my tile flooring. I have laminate flooring, and even though it is not approved for laminate flooring, I use it on it anyway. It doesn’t get any wetter than when I mopped it. I do turn on the ceiling fan to help it dry faster. It’s also very easy to clean.

I love these Scoobas! The key to a long battery life is to charge after a run, remove from charger within a few hours and store. When ready to run again, charge it up to top off. The batteries last a LONG time this way! Heat is a battery killer so don’t leave it on the scooba plugged and if on on the scooba unplugged for an extended time, it will discharge to a point it won’t charge! Remove it from the Scooba.
Wish my family would follow this advise! Wish I hadn’t gotten them these robots that they think I should fix every time they kill a battery or don’t clean brushes!! They are costing me a fortune because I got them hooked!

It’s very blue, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong.
I love their products.

For some reason, though, this one reminds me of “Tron” and “The Black Hole.”