iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

Anyone know how good these work?


Wow :frowning:

Seriously? Another high priced slow mover? I JUST WOKE UP DANGIT.

Woot Off Killer, stupid Roomba

Where’s nightghost with his helpful tips?

Cool. Been wanting one of these. Love my Roomba vacuum.

This makes me sad :frowning:

How many woots could a Robot Scooba wash
if a Robot Scooba could wash woots?

Awesome! I love Scoobas! My parent have two for their houses. If I had a Roomba and a Scooba I’d be a happy woman.

Sadly I don’t have the cash for either. sigh

Only had mine for a week or so, but so far he is very impressive. Does a great job and is very easy to clean up afterwards.

I’ve got one and am pretty happy with it.

The questions is … if there is a problem with it will they honor the warranty? I know that if it isn’t purchased from an authorized dealer IRobot won’t honor their warranty. If the answer is yes, then this is a good deal/price. If no, don’t spend your money.

Actually they work great on hardwood and laminante flooring. <<<— spelling fail

If Roomba batteries didn’t last ONLY 6 months and weren’t 80 clams to replace, I would get one of these. I bought 4 Roombas a couple of years ago and they are now all in a box awaiting a $320 investment to get them going again.

Cleaning up after a vacuum seems kind of redundant, no?

boc boc boc boc bag of crap crap bag

Sweet, been wanting one. I have missed them the last couple of times they’ve been up.

Now my Roomba has a bud! :slight_smile:

$214 shipped on Amazon.