iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

Uhhh… pass! My dog would hate this thing running around. Nite all.

Tempted, but not sure how it would hold up in a multi cat household.

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iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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ze roomba it iz back, along with ze batman copter…

Scooba Dooby Doo!

Battery replacements are not cheap for this model! $74

It’s for floors, not cats.

I just checked out an HSN video of this unit. Guess what the price was on HSN… $250.

I would not call this a deal by any means.

FYI: Works well but definitely weighs more than 8.4 oz… Gets wheels stuck on the the extra wide 1" grout lines between my satillo tiles.


Although this model, the 385, is not available on Amazon. two lesser models the 330 and 380 are at least $500. In other words, this Scooba is less than half the price of its predecessors. Furthermore, it;s NEW, not refurbed. Great price if your floor scrubbing needs are light and you want one of these.

Bought three of these on Woot for $179 around Nov.

From Mod: FYI: the two sales I found (Oct & Nov 2010) were for the model 330. This is the 385.

My roomba gets stuck about three times a week and has been known to feel a floor register is some type of death vortex that it must avoid at all costs even if it means backing itself into a corner.

Thus, the idea of another irobot device in my home that is less intelligent than the contents of my ice tray isn’t all that appealing, especially when this one shoots liquid.

So basically a robot that can pee. And to think I was upset when my roomba left skid marks on my carpet as it attempted to climb what it must have thought was Mt. Everest (which in reality was the edge of a rug no more than a quarter inch in height).

Think I’ll pass on this one.

Seriously?! That sucks.

Do you have a link? I just went to HSN and did a search on “scooba.” Here are the results. The only Scooba they have is the 350 for $399.

So where is the Scooba 385 for $250? If it’s an expired or old offer, it doesn’t count.

I found the HSN video:

But if you click through to their page, it shows it’s the 335:

so, not the 385.

No silly, it’s a Sc​:slight_smile::slight_smile:ba!

I know, right!?!? I mean, I’d get one in a second if it did cats. But with only about 10 sq ft of hard floor, just doesn’t make sense.

Scooba 385 is not a better model than 380

see wiki
Scooba 385 european version of US 380 model, but it doesn’t include charging base, storage mat or extra virtual wall (only one included)