iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

Never expected a Roomba in a wootoff.

Will this work on dirt floors?

It’s a Roomba! Oh wait…Darn it, I want a legitimate Roomba!

Good grief.

I hear these are great if you have flat floors, otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

No, it doesn’t have HDMI.

When did woot start selling iRobot products?

Will this virtual wall fit my new tent?

Didn’t see this coming…

We bought one awhile back and the thing broke within a week. It didn’t seem to be much more effective than mopping, so we returned it and didn’t buy another. Our Roomba, on the other hand, is amazing.

I had to take a deuce anyway. Might as well go get something to eat as well.

Good grief.

**Will Smith not included.


anyone watch the Venture Bros.?



But is it Mac compatible?

woot really needs to sell more Roombas…Yep, that was sarcasm…

For $250 you can pay a friend to mop your floor every couple of weeks for a year. I was going to say “hire a maid” but then I don’t want to be responsible when someone finds out that some of their valuables have been stolen.

I’m surprised it took this long. Get rid of this crap. That’s so 1990.