iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

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I bought this a few years ago here and highly recommend it. A few tips:

I also own a Roomba I got off Woot and always run it right before the Scooba to get the dirt off the floor so it doesn’t clog the Scooba.

For those who haven’t used either, the Roomba will pick up the dirt, the Scooba actually washes the floor.

I use mine on tiled floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, I haven’t used it on hardwood but I’ve seen mixed comments about that.

I’m able to clean the kitchen pretty well before the water tank is empty, and then there’s enough battery left to do to the den with another full tank.

When you run out of the cleaning solution it comes with, there’s no need to buy more. Use 2 oz. distilled white vinegar and the rest lukewarm water and you’re set. Good luck!

This is a great price, as this is the top of the line Scooba that normally sells for $500. (The Scooba 385 is identical to the Scooba 380, but the 385 comes with a universal power supply that supports currents from overseas as well as the U.S.)

Before the inevitable list of questions arrive, if you have any general questions about the Scooba not related to this deal, search the Scooba message board first, as your question has most likely been asked and answered already.

It was $249.99 then, at woot, in September, too, so here were my comments from that woot:


and google video search

and another review (Australia):

and Australia product page with video:

If this were wearing a little scuba mask, I would totally buy one on cuteness factor alone. Screw the reviews!

Anyone know if this will work with virtual walls from other iRobot devices, particularly the Roomba 530?

I think this is the owner’s manual:

and general product support page for the 300 series:

I strongly suggest not wasting your time with iRobot’s products. I’ve gone through 2 Roombas and 3 Scoobas, and although I did not have this exact model, I had the one right before it, and it was a disaster. Water everywhere (or not coming out at all). Constantly getting stuck. Total disaster.

It seems like their robots keep getting crappier and crappier as time goes by. (Also, I’d recommend a Mint if you want something that “mops” but is reliable and quiet)

Buy 3!

$365.98 + $10.49 shipping at Amazon, but 1 bad review:

62% bought 3? All snatched up by resellers?

Whoa it hasn’t been up for two hours even! Where did they all go?

Edit: I should have looked at the map. Apparently they all went to Maryland and California.

Dare I suggest it might’ve better served during a Woot-off?

Umm, that went a little too quickly. Someone seriously underestimated how popular this would be. Or overestimated how many of them were available…

I’ve been a longtime Roomba fan, buying my first one in 2003 - BUT DO NOT BUY THIS. This is a seriously poor design.

I am on my 4th in about a year and I’ve never got one to run - not once. Friendly Robotics will replace the unit but will not upgrade it. I’ve spent more on shipping back the non-functioning Scooba than the money I saved buying this off WOOT. They won’t upgrade you for any reason- I asked after the 2nd time they sent me a non-functioning unit.

Avoid serious heartache and expense. Avoid this like the plague.

Sold out in an hour and half with 62% buying 3!?

I imagine these are being resold on ebay by a lot of the purchasers, since they are new and $200 less than current price on amazon.

The sun hasn’t risen and it’s sold out. This was definitely one for the resellers. Well done Woot!.. smdh.


I’ve been waiting for these to come up… but WOOT could only find 120 of them? What’s up? Has your buying power dropped off that badly? I won’t buy any of these from eBay because buying from an eBay seller gets you about zippa-dee-doo-dah for a warranty. New Scooba’s are tracked by Irobot for the original point of sale, and eBay don’t make it. C’mon WOOT! Drag some more of these things out of your closet and post 'em!