iRobot Verro 300 HydroJet Pool Cleaning Robot

Will this clean my bathtub?

lunch time!


Time to go find a dark closet to catch up on last night’s non-existent sleep.

Will this clean my bathtub?
Does it work with Mac?

This isnt something you see every day on w00t

fiddle dee dee I bought one last week for way less

hopefully they only have 1…

Woot killer?

Is it Mac compatible?

Please let there be just 1-5 of these.

good item should sell fast

I think my gutter cleaning robot can take this guy.

who wanted the rhoomba last timme??? buy it quick and lets get on to the next woot…

summer is over what do i need this for

There is your iRobot - and here comes sidewhoresally with her troll link to her stupid site… This is getting old.

Must be iRobot clearance day. Didn’t know they made a pool robot…

I have the feeling these are going to go like hotcakes