Iron Bridge 1/4” Mini Ratchet

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Iron Bridge 1/4" Mini Ratchet
$0.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Memories of sellout.woot in the beginning.

This is the fastest moving woot off I’ve seen in a long time. Stuff is selling out in a matter of seconds, even the rubbish!

Now just the drive?! LOL

Does anyone else fee that this is a very strange woot off?

might do better bundled with the socket set just sold twice

quick they are only 50 cents, buy 3 and lets get on to the next item.

Gotta buy 3 to make the $5 shipping worthwhile… Any takers?

tooooooo ffffffaaaaassssssssssttttttttttt

Wha? This is a weird woot-off.

Yes, I completely agree. What’s going on here…

When they sell only 3 of one thing things really sell quickly…can’t even get the screen refreshed before they sell out of the next item…grrr!!!