I’m totally rotfloling right now.

I don’t get it.

And shirt not made of iron at all, so it really means something

Iron should be darker. Somebody Chromed the Iron ‘e’

Is this the same sculpture located beyond the great Sar-chasm.

drum riff

“I ro NY”?

Does that mean we aren’t in love anymore?

The giant “E” is giving me a sort of illusion effect. Sometimes it looks like its puffed out, sometimes it looks indented.

Anyone else seeing that?

What do you call an iron that causes wrinkles?

An ironic.

Oh, I get it! It’s an e and it’s made of out iron. Iron + e = Irony. Ha ha ha!

Elmo likes tonight’s shirt!

Hey great, I’ve been looking for a way to tell the world how much I love Internet Explorer.

Perfect for ravers!

It’s funny that this is on a silver shirt blank…


Shouldn’t it be made of wood?

That’s gonna rust awful quick if it’s really 100% iron. Gonna need some chromium in the mix if it’s gonna have any longevity. Nevermind the carbon, but then again it’s a statue, not a knife…

Should have had ‘2.718’ on the shirt instead of ‘e’

or 2.718281828… that always tricks people.

When I first saw it, I thought this shirt was an homage to Euler’s constant and I was really excited. Is it ironic that now that I know what it actually is, I don’t want it anymore?