Iron Gym 4-Piece Kit



Bought mine last time it was up, but haven’t got to use it yet because the top of the bolts snapped off the first time I went to use it. It’s supposed to support 300lbs, and I’m under 200lbs. I contacted Iron Gym and they are sending me new hardware, but I’m a little weary at this point as to its quality.


Bought this when it came up a couple weeks ago. I have used it a few times and so far I have no complaints. Appears to be good quality and very useful. I prefer to use the bar for push-ups instead of the little circle handles. Even the jump rope thingies aren’t too bad. You feel like a moron, but it’s better than trying to jump a real rope in your basement.


Mine is working great, although I did buy it at an actual store…
Fair warning: always check your weight on it before starting, it tends to slide away from the door frame when not in use which I learned the hard way. The safety thing is kind of annoying to get and put in your door frame but it has prevented me from falling anymore.