Iron Gym 4-Piece Kit

Previous Woot-Off Sale had it for the same price

Electronic Ropeless Jump-Rope???

…because with out the rope you dont need to jump.

I’m not sure about the jump rope but I’ll vouch for the iron gym workout bar. As long as your doorway isn’t like 8 inches front to back it works like it says it does.

Believe it or not, jumping rope can be really loud. I take a class where we work out in a park in the morning and the nearby residents asked us not to jump rope because we kept waking them up. This would also be a great way to jump rope indoors in the cold weather.

Woot also sells it on amazon for 39.99. So far this is the cheapest I have seen it, even when including shipping.

WTF Woot?! I just bought this as the Amazon Daily Deal last week for $25!

I’ll bite. I needed a pull up bar for my P90X anyway and this is the best price I’ve seen, plus you get some other stuff with it. Pretty positive reviews on Amazon.