Iron Gym Express

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Iron Gym Express
Price: $17.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Aug 14 to Friday, Aug 15) + transit
Condition: New


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Looks like a different model

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Deal or Dud video review


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Looks like the same model to me and is only $20.18 @Walmart with free in-store pickup.

[MOD: The Walmart one has a different model number.]

so it’s 10% off of the store price IF you add it to an order, if this is the only order then it’s actually more expensive than buying it in the store when you add $5 shipping, sick deal woot… $80 list price?? this is just sad, come on

This one’s black. worth.

Looking forward to the YouTube videos of door casing trim fails. ;-O

I bought this exact item for $20 (with free shipping) via Amazon Prime two days ago. This is not worth $80.

This is totally worth it, it’s portable and easy to use and a great reminder of how you’re lazy and “will work out with it tomorrow” every time you walk through your door it hangs on.

I have one from Walmart, picked it up for $20 in store. Use it for my P90X workout, but had to replace the door trim with a piece of metal angle. Most trim made now will not hold up to this.

Anybody know how many clothes hangers will fit on this?

After following the instructions on how to secure the Iron Gym in my door frame, I was very excited to begin my new workout régime. I decided to try doing a pull-up and much to my chagrin, I did a pull-down. The iron gym, the door frame, the ceiling, and I went tumbling down through the floor boards below and into my sisters room on the 1st floor. Laying there in a pile of debris, my sister yelled, “get out of my room you fruit-loop dingus!”

True story…psych!

or spend 20 bucks at your nearest wally world…

It works well. I weigh 185-190 lbs and it holds me up in a door frame. Totally worth it.

Same thing, different company, $1.18 cheaper with no $5 shipping cost

I purchased basically this same thing, probably a different model number, from Walmart about 5 years ago for $20. It was very easy to put together, and works well. The only time it fell was when my son 5-ish at the time, closed the door a bit where it was hanging. We stopped leaving it in the door frame after that, and then it saw less and less use. This is kind of a kick in the butt to pull it out of the garage and start using it again.

U R history, ha, ha, good one! It could work as a door stop as well.

Holds between six and 26 hangars, depending on how many three-piece suits you hang.