Iron Gym Express

This guy needs to come over & work on my property.

That way, he can exercise & get something done.

This one “Comes with Ab Straps Mail-In offer”.

I am not sure if that is some sort of kinky thing but it may push the value of this up over the Wally World version. I mean come on AB STRAPS… those have a… value… right?

Good for you

My trim pieces have slight dings in them from my bar and I’ve only used it a few times. If your trim is pure wood then you should be fine but if it’s the pressed trim that almost every new house has it will make divots in them. Best bet is it use it were you won’t care about messing up the trim since the trim is going to cost you the same amount as this bar to replace.

I have one of these, and my 103 year old trim should be just fine. That is, if I ever used it.

I have one of these and it works great. The door trim is holding up fine, but I’m only 160lbs so I don’t know how a heavier individual would fare.

I’ve been training for a Spartan Race so it gets quite a bit of use. My only complaint is that I had to tighten the nuts after using it 5-10x daily for about a week.

80 bucks retail? Only if it was made of medical grade titanium. C’mon woot, you are losing customers from this hokey crap.