Iron Gym Express

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Iron Gym Express
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Amazon Reviews


Be careful of where the padded bars rest on the door frame. I had it make a dent and take off a little paint. I just taped a piece of cardboard on their for some extra padding and to distribute the weight a little better. Other than that, no damage to door frame

Comments from the last sale

I use one of these already for pull-ups. I think it’s pretty nifty, because the one I owned before required screw holes into the door frame. The fact that this one is tool-less means you don’t have to disfigure your door frame with screw holes, and it can go on and come off in seconds so I can close the door. I can usually take it off the door frame with one arm, although it takes two arms to put it back on.

It stays on the door frame because you have to slip a flat metal hook on the back side of the door frame at the top. It’s enough to keep it from falling off with your body hanging from it. I probably paid twice as much for mine at a sporting goods store.

I echo Mystic’s advice. Having your whole body weight on a rod can put an indentation into the door frame. I should have thought of cardboard. I used tape and that just stained the door frame.

I had this for about 5 years- these last for a long time and hold up well. I Picked one up at a certain sporting good store for 25 bucks. Well worth it at 25, and I’d venture a wild guess to say that these, much like certain watches, are rarely sold at the MSRP.

I’ve used this in at least 6 different places. The only time I was unable to use this was when the lip of the door frame was too narrow to support it. In order to use this, you need to ensure the following:

  1. the lip of your door frame (the top part) is wide enough… probably about an half an inch or so. Generally, if you live in a relatively new place, it should be fine.

  2. the door frame isn’t weak, otherwise, you will damage it depending on your weight. If your door frame doesn’t feel weak to you, then you’re probably okay. (The frames I had problems with were the ones that seemed weak just by looking at it- it had that slightly older, rotted feel to it such that it was easily chipped).

  3. Your door is located away from the wall. Otherwise, the handle of the door will be interfered with by the wall.

Other than that, you’re generally good to go. I never had issues with it at 135 lbs. with my door frames, nor did my roommates have issues at ~180.

You will however, develop marks on your door from the black foam (just side note: the foams are SUPER comfortable). In order to avoid the effect, I put socks over the handles and put an old shirt over the frame part that goes on top of the door frame. This eliminated the issue immediately.

On a last note, your range of motion will be relatively narrow. Just look at your door right now- you’ll only be able to do pull ups within that area- so keep that in mind. While this was never able to really substitute for a real workout, it was sufficient to get me in shape as I’d always do a pull up whenever I walked under it, and it was especially helpful when I was too busy to go to the gym. (I generally did pull ups and leg raises on it).

Oh, it’s a laundry bar. I see.

I wish I was in shape to use this for something other than laundry.

As winter approaches note if you have young children, as it sits this will also double as an indoor non swinging trapeze. Add your own chain (cheap) and handles to said chain to make it more of a swinging one.

If you’re not able to do many (or any) chinups, but have children. Buy it for the children, and give doing a chinup a try, repeat daily until you’re successful. I couldn’t do a chinup before I bought the wee one her outdoor swingset, now I can do a whopping 4 at a time without (quite) dying.

Definitely buying one.

(edit: made the mistake of reading the amazon reviews. Specifically all the 2 * it didn’t fit my doorway reviews… since I do have molding on the door frame, I’m now pondering this. Possibly just buy the “j/fit Deluxe Doorway Pull-Up Bar” from woot’s masters for $8 more with prime shipping (it’s also a bar, but has doorway mounting connectors instead of looping around the top)

I love an overly inflated MSRP as much as the next guy, but come on…

This version is OK, but not as solid as the normal grey version. The main bar is 3 pieces instead of 2

Careful with these, you guys. They can tear your frame up real quick (foam handles, as mentioned). Also, the rectangular bar that sits on top of the door frame dug into my drywall and now there is an imprint in the sheet rock that will have to be patched.

Yea i agree with the over-inflation. You can get these all day everyday for $20. I really wish you offered free shipping Woot! I’d buy so much more stuff from you… $5 just always kills it for me :confused:

My concern for this would be a novice doing pullups in a jerking motion and thus causing a slight lift and turn to the device during this improper motion.

It would seem that this sort of thing would cause the unit to simply “pop off” the door trim and leave the person to land on their knees or ankles.

Granted we are talking about a novice and an improper technique, but still, I would certaining not want to use it without some sort of fastener to ensure that a jerking motion does not cause it to dislodge.

Also, please do NOT let your children play around with this… this is Murphy’s Law waiting to happen. I am sure a child would end up dislodging this with ease if using it as a “jungle gym” or a base for a swing.

I have the pro model which is similar except the ends are wider and angled. Overall pretty good unit, as others have already stated make sure to put something in between your door frame and where the bar touch, it can leave indentation and marks on your doorframe. Also the pull up does not use screws so it uses the doorframe, angles and weight to stay up with that in mind you want to do regular pull ups only, just straight up and down with consistent movement, no swinging. No cross fit style kipping pull ups, the bar will easily fall down if you try to do those herky jerky style pull ups. For those type of pullups you probably want something screwed into the frame or one with a base connected to the floor.