Iron Gym Extreme

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Makes a swell coat rack.

Fitness week? What’cha gonna do for Shark Week, woot!?

(Don’t be the Fonz!)

Useless to me cause I live in a tent!

Good timing! I was actually just looking to buy a pull up bar on Amazon last week but hadn’t pulled the trigger on one yet.

Does it come with the straps? I didn’t see anything listed “In The Box” section for verification.

I purchased a the Iron Gym previously from Woot. Needed a longer bar which they offered. Sent the monies, called, wrote, was promised the item–NEVER arrived, never responded to my multiple requests–other items are available

Good for some things but watch using this on your doorway. If you have access to metal framed doors … maybe. Anything less and you may be paying more to repair the door than you paid for the equipment. The heavier you are, the greater the risk to the door (and your bum).

Unfortunately, I speak from experience. :slight_smile:

The ab straps are not included in the box. Apparently, there is a card in the box you use to send for the straps. I do not know what the charge is for them.

I second that. We had to replace the molding around the door in and out. :frowning: