Iron Gym Total Body Fitness 4 Piece Kit

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Iron Gym Total Body Fitness 4 Piece Kit
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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no band of carrots for the last day of the world?

Wait… I spared the world from total destruction and this is the best Woot can offer?

In the day woot would have come out with something cool

A…ropeless jump rope?

so it’s a jump?

This LOOKS like it would be the perfect compliment for P90X, especially for us luddites who don’t practice IN a gym or HAVE a chin-up bar.

Does anyone know how the push-up handles work on carpet? or do they require a surface like linoleum/tile/concrete?

Congratulations, you survived the apocalypse. Now it’s time to get your flabby butt in shape before it kills you instead.

Are we supposed to rush ship this because “Merry Christmas, you’re fat” or “The world didn’t end- you still need to work out”?

Oh I get it! For New Year’s Resolution…groan

everyone will need this kit today on 12/21/12.

I wish it was $10 cheaper for just the pull up bar. I can’t do normal pushups so I don’t need that lol

Can anyone confirm that it won’t do damage to the door or doorframe, or take off paint, etc.?

Time to get in shape for the next time someone predicts the end of the world!

You do them against a wall. I’ve heard that’s a good alternative.

I live in a 1942 house and the pull up bar doesn’t fit my doorways. So keep that in mind if you have large trim or non standard doorways.

I have this pull up bar for P90X workouts and it does not damage the paint, door or frame. I was 260 lbs. and the bar holds up to my f@t@ss

I want the bar, but the rest seems really pointless.

Never had that problem at all… I’ve used it in 2 different apartments. I was skeptical at first too. The bar is great for someone who doesn’t want to drill into their door frame.

Thanks, I’ll sleep on this one, and consider buying in the morning. I could use a pull-up bar.