Iron Gym Total Body Fitness 4 Piece Kit

These pullup bars are usually pretty sturdy and don’t do much damage to the door frame, wall, etc. Usually nothing more than a small black mark or something. I even do gymnastics stuff on the rings I hang on these pullup bars and they work great.

I’m wondering why there’s a run on these in Vermont. New Hampshire is either healthier or more relaxed about it all.

They just kinda rotate as you push up, theoretically keeping you in better form.If you have space to store stuff & you think you will work out more with them, go for it. I think a simple commitment to exercise, like push-ups in any form will serve you better then this gadget.

sometimes i wish woot were more like reddit so i could upvote people.

Hahaha they want like 163, tax included, for this from Sears

Does anybody have the dimensions of the pull-up bar?

I received these notes from the buyer:

The durable steel construction holds up to 300 lbs. It is designed to fit residential doorways 24" to 32" wide with doorway trim or molding up to 3 ½ inches wide.

The push up handles are not only for the super fit trying to get more from a push up. After recovering from carpal tunnel-type pain resulting from a car accident, I was, and still am, unable to bear any weight with my hands in floor push up position. Any pressure with my hand flexed back causes pain (whether it’s a push up, pushing a car, pushing the garage door up, putting a tailgate up, whatever). Because these handles allow the wrist to remain straighter there is less stress on the joint. Using handles is the only way I can do push ups.

Ok, maybe I’m the only one that is laughing hysterically at the guy twirling the rope-less jump rope. He looks like he is practicing to be in the Olympic Rythmic Gymnastics ribbon competition. Weeeeeeeeeee!!

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I mean, I GET the idea… Hey you lack complete coordination, but still want to jump rope? Here.

I stopped being able to jump rope a long time ago, that doesn’t mean I want to use this.

It’s like going bowling with the bumpers on as an adult… I’d much rather get my 90 in bowling without the bumpers, than face the humiliation of bowling with bumpers…

When I’m in a club and I’ve had a several drinks I already look like that dude in the video,granted not everyone can see that, but I do.

I’ve had the pullup bar for quite a while and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Went from being barely able to do a set of 10 to doing a set of 20 every morning.

It has damaged the crown moulding on the doorframe a little bit though (and I’m only 160). I’m sure some extra padding might be able to fix that.

The pullup bars can put a slight dent on the drywall above your door frame depending on the condition of the drywall and how much you weigh and if you put too much force on it by swinging too much during exercise. The damage isn’t that bad and probably wouldn’t be noticeable by most people as it is above the door frame.

The pullup bar has a strip of black padding which prevents the plastic brace from contacting the wall… or at least it’s supposed to. The problem is that it doesn’t run the full length of the plastic brace so it’s possible for the plastic on the ends to make contact with the wall and dent it. The plastic brace isn’t completely straight after assembly and the padding isn’t thick enough to prevent the ends from touching the wall. If you reinforce the ends with some foam or put fabric or a towel between the brace and the wall it shouldn’t be a problem.

The padding is black and can also leave black marks on the wall. I put a strip of clear tape over it after I noticed the marks. The towel option mentioned above would also fix this issue too.

EDIT: Actually it looks like they’ve changed the padding to gray so it may not mar the wall anymore. The plastic ends looks like they could still make contact with the wall though.


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It’ll work out just fine!

I need the pullup bar. How does this hoild itself up there w/o screws? Does it expand horizontaly and “friction fits”? It it easy to take down w/o leaving markds on the wall? Any info would be much appreciated in regards to how the pullup bar is installed. Thanks!

Weeeeeeeeeeeellllll…here’s what can happen. As you are banging out reps (bro), just GIMME ONE MORE, &c, the horizontal longer part you see with the rubber caps on it can be lifting off of and then landing back on the doorframe. On like pullup 40,000 (bro) this can cause it to work through its little rubber cap and then start eroding the paint on the door frame. Not really comparable to having it screwed in of course, and workarounds are obvious and could be as simple as spinning it around from time to time or sticking a wad of paper or something in there - but be advised.

The flat part you see with the grey strip is facing you, sitting above the door frame (and you need a real frame), inside the room. The wider round bar part is outside the room with you on the other side of the frame. It just dangles there.

It’s hard to explain, but no friction or fitting is involved; it’s basically just that it keeps itself in the unlikely position that for it to fall down you would have to pull the flat bar part downward through the top part of the door frame, and you can’t. (which again you need a real frame around the door with some molding, not just a drywall hole.)