Iron Gym with Ab Straps

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Iron Gym with Ab Straps
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Ontel Iron Gym Pullup, Situp, Pushup, Dip Bar with Ab Straps

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Is it as safe as it looks? :-/

(be sure to smell the sarcasm)

Want to sit and eat twinkies till w00t renews… NOT do hard work and stuff >:-<

This is a good product, I bought one about 1.5 years ago and I love it.

sweet p90x here i come!!

edit: p90x wants you to use these in the video this appears to have been lost on some.

Strap Filled Video

Muscle tone, mass, and strength peak in our early 20s. Anything that helps you exercise once you are into your 30s and older is a good thing. This would be a simple piece of exercise equipment that would be great for anyone trying to stay in shape.

I bought this, and it did NOT fit around the top frame of my door. The doors inside my house have larger-than-normal frames (about 5") so make sure yours are under 4", otherwise the top part of this wont fit and it’ll come crashing down on your head :frowning:

Are you supposed to hang yourself from that? Looks dangerous. Better make sure the structure you attach this to is up to code!

AHAHAHAHAHAA in for zero!

I have an Iron Gym and it works great for pull ups and chin ups.
It’s nice to see this new feature.

I own one of these. They’re pretty sturdy…though I’ve allegedly heard of them snapping sending the user flying to the ground. Seems unlikely to me, I’ve used mine for years without any issues.

Having the Ab Straps thrown in is a pretty good deal.

I think this guy uses one of these: deals.woot

What if you live in an apartment and the door moldings are extremely cheaply put together… would it still hold? This bothers me…

I think woot! and deals.woot! are trying to tell us something…

A friend of mine has this…he loves it!

I bought one of these at Walgreens over a year ago for $29.99. It has been one of the best home exercise equipment I’ve ever bought. I tend to keep it hanging on the door frame which encourages me to do an impromptu pull-up or chin-up a few times a day.

Important: You must have a door with a frame/molding around it. Part of the device needs to rest on frame.

My roommate has one of these. The only real warning is to make sure your house is well built. Ours isn’t, so we have a piece of a door frame missing now.

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