Iron Horse 2006 Sparkling 3 Pack

Yeah, assuming imagine (or sanity for that matter) will wootleg from vegas to you, a few people can get it to Vegas. Or better yet, join us in Vegas or another gathering.

Waiting to hit the button since i don’t know how much damage I’ll do this weekend in calistoga, but the brut x is the one I’m curious about too. Don’t think I’ve ever had it, even at the winery.

Sweet. Was looking forward to this. In for two.

WD, can we get some Saki offerings again?

I love Iron Horse! Just opened my last bottle to celebrate getting a job after 9 months of being laid off. Now I can celebrate more on New Years! Thanks, Woot!

Scott Harvey and Iron Horse in the same week? Things do not look good for my bank account.

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I think Ill have to go in on this. The local beverage mart has some 2002 Iron horse blanc de blancs. for 38

Always wonderful sparklers! My consistent vote for one of the top three makers of sparkling wines in California.

This is an rpm autobuy.

yeah! thanks for offering a sparkler. Now, will this get delivered to CA before christmas?

Actually, it was the Ultra Brut that we had on the tour.

Shipping Note: These will be shipped to arrive before New Year’s Day

You’re wasting your time here. Obviously, you don’t know enough not to call a wine “terrible” just because you prefer a sweeter wine. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Cinzano on this site, when you can drive down the street and buy it for $7.99 or less. It doesn’t fit the business model, regardless of the fact that you and probably at least 4 other people in the nation might consider it their “favorite sparkling wine.”

In for 1. I cant say no. What a great deal! Can’t wait to compare these side by side in an after dinner NYE tasting.

Still have 2 bottles from previous offerings. If you don’t have any around, this is an autobuy.

I must have something like 2 cases of assorted Iron Horse sparklers around, and this is still an autobuy. :slight_smile:

Shipping Clarification Please. I have all my wines shipped to the office. We are closed at the end of the day 12/23 until 1/3/2011. Will this arrive by 12/23? If not I will need to ship to house and risk not being there when it arrives…what a conundrum.

My palate has always led me towards French and old world style wines but the past 2yrs Ive been branching out into American and new world. Could you tell me how these might compare to French Brut? I like the crisp, high acidity, slightly yeasty Champagnes.

Given those parameters, you have my personal guarantee that you will like these. They are much more like the old world style, perhaps partly because Joy and Lawrence Sterling spent so much time in France when their father was in the diplomatic corps.

I’m very lucky in that FedEx is always at my house between noon and 2pm; if you miss them one day you can get a rough of what time they come and then be there for re-delivery the next day (2 redelivery attempts). Or get FedEx to hold it for you and you can go get it from them.

If you like something as sweet as an Asti, just buy Andre or, perhaps any Demi-Sec or Doux Champagne or California sparkling wine. Korbel used to make a Demi-Sec that was reasonably well thought of among those who like that sort of thing. Much German Sekt is also semi-dry (which means pretty sweet).

By and large, the taste of wooters runs to drier sparkling wine as far as I can tell.

I think it’s ridiculous for you to say it was terrible - especially when you know you don’t like the style. What would be fair to say is that you didn’t like it at all because you dislike dry sparkling wine generally. Thus, given your preferences, you’re not really in a position to judge its quality one way or the other.

Which Champagne house styles do you prefer? Krug? Moet? Mumm? Bollinger? Roederer? Veuve Cliquot? (or others…)

I like Joy’s sparklers very much, and (as I say frequently) consider them (with Roederer Anderson Valley and Schramsberg) among the best three sparklers in California (among what are now many very good ones).

For perspective, in Champagne, my first choice is Krug. I also particularly like LD Bollinger. I prefer fuller, yeastier champganes to the lighter styles.