Iron Horse Blanc de Blancs Magnum

Iron Horse Blanc de Blancs Magnum
$89.99 $143.00 37% off List Price
2009 Blanc de Blancs Magnum, Green Valley of Russian River Valley

$119 retail on the website + shipping (not cheap!). Probably as solid a deal as we could expect for an IH bottling of this stature!

A terrific deal on a terrific wine from the winery one prominent reviewer has just proclaimed the “Dean of Sparkling Wine” in Sonoma. Remarkable that after 8 hours, there are only 3 comments for a wine.woot favorite.

Everyone was sleeping…

I indeed have been hoping for an Iron Horse offering to pop up. But anything over 1.0 $/oz is too much for my budget. :frowning:

All IH sparklers, even at woot price, are above that. Only the still Chards get below that.

D-dog, you’ve had just about every wine they’ve made, yes? Do you know how this compares to the Ocean Reserve?

I’m curious to this as well. The wife loves their Ocean Reserve and said I’m allowed to break the SIWBM for it, but if this is close, welll…

So, I’ve been sitting on my hands for 2.5 yrs b/c the job and income went away. Finally get a new job (Yes, something to drink sparkling wine over) and I guess it’s sold out?! B/c when I try to “buy” it, it shows 0 in my cart. What a bummer! My all time fav of the IH was Bdx3 (Bordeaux blend), which I bought on wine.woot um, 10 yrs ago, maybe? Yes, I’m an old timer, but am trying to stay young at heart through drinking! Any chance the winery might honor the price? I feel the need to celebrate!

Check the list of “ship to” states at the bottom of the webpage to see if this is available in your state. That’s another reason you can’t get past a quantity of 0.

Greetings from Island Iron Horse … where the ducks are swimming across our road. This 2009 Blanc de Blancs is superior in both size and time en tirage. We feel the magnum is the optimum size for bubby and this is aged six years en tirage, making it richer and creamier … like drinking a cloud.

Congratulations on your new job! Which of our wines are you trying to purchase? I hope I can help.

I love the Ocean Reserve, but this is a step up … and a one time only bottling in magnum.

Joy’s vintner voice mails are the best. this one does not disappoint.

to her point, it will arrive in plenty of time for Easter celebrations.

Thank you for your friendship Joy. stay dry!

Yup, I checked, and Louisiana (as if anybody from Louisiana would say no to any kind of alcohol on any basis… I think we were the last state to change the legal drinking age to 21)… So, it’s not a restricted state issue. But thanks for the info… I forgot to check that.

Hi Joy! Gay here… I am just trying to figure out why I can’t seem to buy the sparkling 2009 Magnum today. Also, since you asked… Some years ago, I bought the Iron Horse BDX3 on wine.woot. Do y’all offer anything similar to that now?And yes, we’re having the same problem here in the New Orleans area - only it’s alligators that are swimming across the road! Up to 17 inches yesterday/last night. And, I’ll take any help you can give. I’m not too proud to grovel for excellent wine!

Already used this month’s wine budget…but this is making me think about borrowing from next month’s :slight_smile:

O% financing!

Hello Gay! So great to “see” you here. In my experience, the best way to subdue an alligator is with bubbles! I don’t know why you are having trouble ordering. I have emailed David Studdert (aka WineDave) asking for his help. He can usually fix everything. As for reds, we are now completely focused on Pinot Noir. My current personal favorite is our 2013 Deer Gate. Any chance you can come out to taste with us here in Green Valley … after the flooding subsides?