Iron Horse Blanc de Blancs Magnum

Iron Horse Blanc de Blancs Magnum, 1.5L

Sold by: Iron Horse Vineyards
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Condition New

Bottle Size 1.5L Magnum

2009 Blanc de Blancs Magnum, Green Valley of Russian River Valleydon’t forget to change the size when adding it to your cellar to the larger format.

Ends June 6th.

Due to 3 of my last 6 shipments sitting over a weekend (2 sitting this very holiday weekend!) potentially in a hot truck all weekend, will this ship Monday to Wednesday to SoCal?

I so want to buy this, but I’m gun-shy due to those 3.

Discussion from the previous offer.

No space, haven’t drank the last one we bought, worried about heat in shipment, out of wine budget…

Sounds like I might cave! Love everything from Iron Horse!

Not to mention any names rjquillin, RachelleH, DrVino210, crazyswede, what? :wink:

Should I have bolded that part? Or made it super big? :tongue:





Well, I would have bought if anyone had responded!