Iron Horse Bordeaux Blend - Three Pack

What difference does it make where the barrels are from?

Iron Horse Bordeaux Blend - Three Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 3 2005 Bordeaux Blend

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Edit: Deal info placed per request. Still a sickeningly good deal, though!

Seems different barrels impart different characteristics to the wine. French vs. US. vs. Hungarian all impart different flavor profiles to wine.

“The Bordeaux Directors’ next assembly is scheduled for this Friday, when we’ll be making a final decision whether to pour out another round of the 2005.”

Really? Interesting…

silly me, thinking I had a chance at first sucker. le sigh.:snob:

On the plus side, got the juice! (and avail to rat)

When is the best drinking time for this? Aren’t Bordeauxs one of those high-tanin wines that like to loll around for a few decades?

Just checked my credit card statement… paid $41 for a bottle of this at the vineyard just 3 weeks ago… dammit!

I’ve been holding out for sooo long… now they’re putting up all the wines i want in one week!!!

Oak staves that are from countries with socialized medicine, like France, show a lower rate of brett infection due to better pre-barrel care.

I’m gonna have to hold off on this one-- I’m way over the Wine Budget as of late!

Although if the next offering is Iron Horse Cab Franc I’ll be in for 3! I’d even be down for a few bottles of their tasty Chardonnay.

I was told at the winery this is the LAST of the fabulous juice that they are ever going to get from T-bar-T. It’s also the last non-pinot red that they currently have any plans to make.

See my above post. There is no more cab franc for them, except what’s in this bottle.

What result was the winery shooting for when they settled on this particular blend?

Oh snap, really?

I still haven’t even opened the bottle of this I bought during my last visit to Iron Horse.

CT link:

Sigh…I really didn’t want to buy more wine…for now.

Edit: This really is an amazing price for this wine. I paid almost $33 for one bottle and that was our special love-in RPM tour price. Wow.

Not to mention the different coopers within each of these three barrel making regions. Each cooper has a different level of toasting and such. Didn’t Peter have a blog about this? I’ll see if I can find it.

Found it. It was in June.


Deliciousness. Excellence. Tasty goodness. Mouthgasms. My best guesses there. :wink:

I’ve missed you somethin’ awful.

Wine Spies seemed to like it

It really depends on the blend. Cab Sav dominant Bordeaux blends might fit the bill of “lay down” wines depending on some of the wine’s characteristics whereas Merlot dominant blends tend to be more accessible when young. Based on the few CT tasting notes, this seems like it might be drinking well right now though.

Andy, you’re on a roll tonight!

I have a bunch of blog posts on Iron Horse wines. Frankly, I’m crazy about their still wines. Just my style. Good freshness, not too heavily extracted, but not wimpy, either. When I was at Iron Horse last winter, I bought only the Pinot Rosé since it was early in my trip. But I’ve since ordered a good bit of their wine as they turned out to be the best of the trip.

I’ll be in for 2. Gotta love the good bit of CF and PV in the blend.