Iron Horse Cabernet Franc Three-Pack



Iron Horse Cabernet Franc Three-Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Red
product(s): 3 Iron Horse 2005 Cabernet Franc Alexander Valley

(link is to CellarTracker)

I think I might have to go in on this one. Zero Cab Francs in the cellar (except for the nasty swill I made from a WinExpert kit).


hrrmmm I’ve already bought 18 bottles this week, more than blowing my wine allowance… I think I’m going to need to wait for the labrats on this one…


Cab Franc! I may have to be in on this one.

Visit the winery website for more info.

BTW, the website says this about the 2003:

“This is a rare and exciting release. We only bottle T-bar-T Cabernet Franc in exceptional vintages. So far, there have been four bottlings in 30 years. Production is very limited.
Food pairing
Made for rich dishes like braised lamb shank. Great with prime rib, duck with olives and venison dishes.Made for rich dishes like braised lamb shank.
New release, not yet reviewed. The prior vintage received 92 points in Wine Enthusiast.
Total production: 268 cases.”

In other words, “Rustic.” I may really have to be in on this one.

Or someone will, anyway…


I am definitely in since I am friends with the owners of Iron Horse. (See my cellartracker inventory of Iron Horse wines…) No need to wait to hear from the winery on this one!


really enjoyed my 1st Cab Franc in a previous woot so definitely in for 2. Only thing to make it better would be lab rat status!


Of course since we are getting a 3 pack, it begs the question of cellarbility. So with that said, I know throw out the question to winemaker about how this will cellar?


If anyone is up in Russian River this is definetly a winery to check out. One of the best views of any winery up there. And great wine too. In for two. Now hoping for labrattage PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!


COOL! will definitely be looking forward to the La Brat reports this week before pulling the trigger w/ 3x of the same wine. but, being a big fan of Cab Franc, i am most definitely intrigued!

NOTE: sorry MaskedMarvel!!!

EDIT: what happened to my earlier post? i accidentally posted just “COOL!” right after C, went back to edit it, and POOF! it was gone. interesting editorial forces at work here… :wink:


The 2003 Vintage was $40 a bottle. $60 for three should require no thought at all


How long are these barrel aged for? (using my rudimentary math it looks like 2 years but who knows).

And how much of it is new french oak and how much of it isn’t?



The info says 481 cases produced, but the website says 268. Rare either way, but some clarification please.


website lists the 2003, this is for the 2005


Doh - it would be useful if I could read. lol


Not sure about this one. Iron Horse is known for ‘champagne’ and pinot noir. While this is “rare” and the price is a “bargain” compared to the list price, I need further info from the winemaker to pull the trigger.

How long is it aged?
Why is the arrangment with T-Bar-T ending?
How does the relative young age of these vines (under 20 years) affect the quality?

Alright, I have used up more than my share but I am curious…


Sigh…have been able to resist wine.woot for about a month now. I can’t pass this one up, tho. Just don’t tell my wife…


Great vineyard. I really wish I could do this but I’m not crazy about CF and I can’t drink for 2 months so I’m trying to limit my purchases.

If you are a fan of CF, don’t hesitate!


The several times I’ve visited I really enjoyed Iron Horse wines. I’ll have to think hard on this one, since living in Woodinville, WA (the “wine country of Seattle”) we have lots of good wines up here, too.

Ah, what the hell. In for a three pack.


I like their desserts and sparklings too… why just Cab Franc? Next week? Please?

I second visiting the winery, it’s beautiful there…


Ok this is off topic, but what exactly is the woot wage? It never makes sense to me, does it have any real meaning?