Iron Horse Cabernet Franc Three-Pack


whoa, it’s like the woot wine changed before my eyes!

Loweel, you’re one quick guy! I’m in too…

Iron Horse Cabernet Franc Three-Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
product: 3 Iron Horse 2005 Cabernet Franc Alexander Valley

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This stuff is delicious.

woot off wine.woot redirect within the hour, only reason for an odd 1242 new wine…perfect timing because i have math class to attend

JWhite - thanks. I might have missed this without a detour notice. And it is one I regretted not purchasing when first offerred. But could have skipped the hit to the budget.

Glad you are still texting me.

hmmm…still have all three bottles from the first offering. but i’m wondering if i should get more since everyone here loved it.

The stuff is delicious, the price is amazing, and Joy is a fantastic, amazing, and gracious host who treated us like royalty when we visited. Any Iron Horse wines are an instant buy for me.


THis is phenomenal!

I’ve only got one left from last time. Very tasty wine, and I’ve got a good friend who loves Cab Franc who may now be getting some for Christmas.

I’d almost buy this one on principal alone since we were treated so wonderfully back during our visit to the winery. But I’m not that much of an altruist. Luckily I don’t need to be as I love the wines these people make. In for 1. :happy:

Damn…two orders in one week. This is gonna hurt.

Plus who knows what’s coming later…
Y’all have convinced me (damn reputable wine wooters). In for one.

edit: first time I’ve seen my name up!
Iron Horse Cabernet Franc Three-Pack
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Yeah it is. But then we can drink the wine and feel better. :slight_smile:

Missed it last time. In for one this time!

Yes, as Joy indicated that there will be no more T-Bar-T Cab Franc from Iron Horse. So this must be the last of it. :frowning:

But I gotz me 2 orders! :happy:

WD… are these detours ratted? Is this what the surprise was in someone’s package?

We JUST had this one at the Detroit tasting on Saturday. I really enjoyed it - I have a bottle in my cellar but definitely wanted more, and knowing that this was the last of the T bar T made me kinda sad since I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be seeing it again. SO happy to see this :slight_smile:

SOB… Last wooter: my broke ass.

Wow, that didn’t even light up FL