Iron Horse Celebrate Summer (3)

Iron Horse Celebrate Summer 3-Pack
$99.99 $155.00 35% off List Price
2009 Ocean Reserve Sparkling, Blanc de Blancs
2011 Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvée
2009 Brut X
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Uh oh again!

WD is killing us, and just before the tour!

I LOVE all of these! There’s not a bad one in the bunch. Auto buy if you like sparkling wines. :slight_smile:

SIWBM 2.5 months and going strong. And this offer of three bottles of excellent sparkling wine ain’t gonna do it. It’s going to take something mightier to break it. Nice try WD!!!

You see what’s happening here right?

Oh that ocean reserve is great! Wife seriously loves it.

Seems like a great a summer drink.

Normally an Autobuy here…but the we just bought the Pedroncelli Zin (18 bottles per my wife’s orders), and then the Coordinates…now this??? Killing me this month Woot…Killing me!! Gotta skip this one…wine budget is near broke for the month. :frowning:

Don’t think I’ve been able to say this about a mixed order before, but we’ve had all of these, and they’re all wonderful sparklers. Iron Horse is our house pour with appetizers whenever we have dinner company, always with rave reviews. At better than wine club prices, this is a definite autobuy for anyone who can find room.

Nice!!! Now sit back & wait for PMs from everybody on the board begging to be invited to your next dinner party. Starting with me!

Find your way to Buffalo, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms, the way we treat all fellow wooters.

Autobuy to the limit of your purse and capacity. Hell, find the money, find the room: you won’t need the room that long because you’ll love it and drink it!

You expecting 2005 Corison Kronos for $35 a bottle?

We’d all be in for the max :slight_smile:

plus gifting, plus opening new accounts

Good Morning from Green Valley! Just want to say how excited we are to welcome back the RPM Tour next month. We are planning a delicious tasting and dinner in my parents’ garden. These three bubblies will certainly get you in the mood!

About the same price point as the IH deal on RLL that WD had up a couple months back, though some different bottles. Of course, I’m sure wine.woot has much better sales numbers, and doesn’t charge me tax, and is cheaper shipping.

Very proud that Iron Horse is your house pour. Thank you!