Iron Horse Chinese Cuvée (2)

Would have been nice if this was offered a couple of weeks ago so it would arrive by Chinese New Year.

Also, how different is this compared to the Russian Cuvee?

Never had the Chinese cuvee, but I think it’s a pretty limited release so surprised to see it here. Any rats?

There are normally no rats for the extra offers, altho I think most would agree that there should be.

How long do you have to discuss geopolitical differences in Asia? :slight_smile:

Who needs rats? Check the label – tastes like chicken!


I agree with you on the timing of this offer! It would have been nice to have this when I celebrate the CNY with friends in a couple of days. After the 28th, the labels are obsolete, unless I save it for the next Year of the Rooster day of celebration twelve years from now!! And it’s only a 31% discount at $50/bottle. If it was 75% off, then I might be interested. The 31% off is probably what the cost is to peel the labels off and replace them with the labels of what was originally intended to be in the bottles!! It’s like serving 4th of July cuvee at a Christmas party! LOL

Chinese Cuvee vs Russian Cuvee -

Same vintage, appellation, harvest date, acid, and pH.

Bottled 1 month apart. Lower dosage on the Chinese during disgorgement.

48% higher in price (retail).

But the label is very nice! And would make a nice belated CNY gift…

Fortunately I still have a couple bottles of the 2005 Chinese Cuvee in case we get to celebrate this weekend. That vintage went for around $100/bottle so the retail price of $65 for this actually seems pretty reasonable in comparison and the woot price of $50 shipped is even better. My stepson was born in 1993 so that has pushed me over the edge…

Last Wooter to Woot: chipgreen

EDIT: If Joy or David pops in, would be interested in knowing the blend % of PN/Chard for this wine, thanks!

I’m in!

I’ll open them with my Iron Horse saber!!!

Blast no Wisconsin!

Looks like an early sellout

23 total in the offering? Wow…

I’m guessing 30 = 5 cases. I don’t think the sales percentages reflect the multi-set buyers who get 2 or 3. Factoring that in, it looks to be 30 sets if my math is correct.