Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay Case

Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay 12-Pack Case
$159.99 $384.00 58% off List Price
2013 Estate Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County

Now I know my kids won’t afford college.

WD, how can you do this to us?
Pedroncelli, Wellington, and now this.

Anyone in MN Twin Cities want to split half a case?

Ugh! So frustrating! I’ve orders a lot of Iron Horse wine including from Woot but now no Tennessee? Last year I could get 90% of the deals, this year more like 20%. I can order the same wine directly from them or any other site on the Internet but Woot. What gives?

(Cue the copy/paste clever lawyer response)


Copy/paste lawyer response

Could someone please check the shipping. It says not available in WI this can’t be right, as we have ordered a ton of Iron Horse in the past from woot without any issues.

We like the unoaked chard quite a bit, I haven’t had the estate in quite some time but I’m sure it’s tasty.

Woot is killing me. Tytanium tomorrow?

I’d split! I live in St. Cloud and kids in cities!

Chipgreen see PM.


Sorry, no WI or TN this time. Probably an issue with licensing renewal.

I’ve enjoyed several vintages of Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay, including this one. It’ really lovely and an rpm AUTOBUY. I wish I could afford 3 cases, but two will have to do…

We, too, love the unoaked, and have gone through several cases of various vintages, including at least two of the 2013 and probably close to two of the 2012.

The Estate is oaked (moderately) and is richer, and so is best thought of as a more mature (slightly) older sister.

I had a bottle of the 2006 Estate Chardonnay a few months ago. It was in wonderful shape, mature and rich. A truly fine wine.

I guess I’m too late - I was going to offer a split. If anyone else in the Twin Cities wants to split, or if you’re interested in a three-way split, count me in.

woot, why are you doing this to us? Half my inbox now is “Woot says thanks for your order…”

No Georgia??? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Been a while since I’ve ordered but this one definitely grabbed my attention…and my wallet.

All I needed was this endorsement…plus the fact you are still enjoying the '06…in for 1!

I love this offer. incredibly good wine for the price.

and Joy is awesome.

Like rpm, Iron Horse is an autobuy - and they ship to CT! Love their wines - in for 1.