Iron Horse Mixed Sparkling (3)



Iron Horse Mixed Sparkling 3-Pack
$89.99 $157.00 43% off List Price
2010 Classic Vintage Brut
2010 Russian Cuvee
2010 Brut X
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Well, I guess this makes up for putting IH up at 4 a.m. during the wootoff :stuck_out_tongue:


My recent CellarTracker notes on the 2010 Russian Cuvée;
Possibly my favorite IH sparkler. Yeasty nose, creamy mousse, fine persistent bead in the glass. Green apple, fresh picked pear and whipped cream on the palate with plenty of effervescence on the tongue. Almond and lime on the finish. Very nice.


Here come the auto-buys!


Looking forward to adding this to my stash! Need more quality bottles so I can fill up my new Marvel wine storage fridges.


Can some one tell me if this comes to CT? Only phone today and no list of states.


Curious if anyone else had an issue ordering from their iPhone with safari? I was unable to get the login with amazon link to load…so I had to fire up the laptop.

Oh well - in for 1!


This one does come to CT. You’re in luck. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had this vintage but I have had the '09 vintage Brut and '08 brut x and based upon that I can completely recommend this mixed pack. Quality stuff here.


Had to do it. Have to bottles of the bubbles in the fridge already, but can’t pass up a good IH deal. And Turkey Day is a coming soon.


Thread drift:

You like Marvel? Looking at the 60 or 68 or whatever it is bottle one. Need something dependable.


Thank You Auto-Buy.

Three Major Holidays covered.


Good Morning All! And thank you for the great comments. I want to add a note about the Russian Cuvee, which commemorates the style of Sparkling we created for the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meetings. Amazingly the 30th anniversary of that milestone is coming up on November 20. Just one more reason to say yes to this offer!


Glad to see iron horse on woot more often. Joy, how’s the 2015 harvest?


David Munksgard, Iron Horse winemaker here.
This bundle is not just three delicious bubblies.
Nope, much more.
This is an educational event. Prior to disgorgement and dosing these are the same exact wine.
What makes them different is the dosage (that bit of wine and or sugar) that we add just before the cork goes in and the label is affixed. Dosage isn’t just a sweetening agent though most coffee table books on wine describe it as such. Dosage is the spice cabinet to the bubble maker. This is where I go to put the final and important nuances into the wine.
I encourage you to take advantage of this selection.
Invite your very best wine friends over. Set three flutes in front of each of them and show them the craft of fine sparkling winemaking.
-all my best


Awesome idea - thanks so much!


Bought this the last time it was offered,however,I can’t recall the vintage year.
Anybody have the year of vintage.
Also,what is the drinking window on these vintages?


I’ll jump in with this one. Thanks for asking!!
David Munksgard, Iron Horse winemaker here.
Crop size way, way down. Quality in line with the last few excellent vintages. A challenging vintage that makes it so important to be Estate Grown!!


VERY happy with my purchase. I bought 2 of them - the 15 bottle (specifically for bubbly) and the 44 bottle dual-zone. Both are very high quality and I’m very impressed so far (they hold the temp exactly at what you set them at). Hope you like yours as much as I like mine.