Iron Horse Mixed Sparkling (3)

Iron Horse Mixed Sparkling 3-Pack
$99.99 $152.00 34% off List Price
2013 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée
2013 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut
2013 Iron Horse Russian Cuvée

Going out with a bang, it seems. This might be too tempting to pass up…

That is the question I’m trying to answer for myself. I also don’t have infinite dollars between now and December 31.

I can get the classic brut and wedding cuvee locally at a similar price. The Russian cuvee is not easy to find outside of the winery though. All are wonderful wines.

Always struggle with buying at a store not knowing how the wine has been stored, handled, etc.

True, although I find sparkling wine to be fairly resilient.

And how do you know that every on-line wine seller keeps their wines in a perfect provenance?

But this comes directly from the winery. If they can’t keep the wines perfect, no one can.

Although I don’t buy sparkling wines, I think I’m in for one, if I can convince my wife.

That’s the beauty of Woot. Confidence in storage & shipment timing. Although the occasion corked could happen…

Recently sent back a bottle at a local restaurant & the sommelier tasted 3 bottles of the same only to find all 4 corked.

Makes you wonder how much this happens without people knowing what they should actually be tasting.

A very good question that can send one down a very deep rabbit hole trying to figure out accurate rates of cork taint.

The November Iron Horse offering unofficially heralds the annual holiday season like Salvation Army bell ringers, Chrismas tree lots and big supermarket displays of turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce.

As rpm has successfully ingrained in my noggin over the years, this delicious grape juice encapsulates the very essence of “Autobuy” on Wine.Woot!

And so it begins; the total destruction of the SIWBM as I jump on the must haves before the curtain falls on WW.

I guess I’ll treat these impending purchases as contributions to a different 401k/retirement account. I’ll need something to drink during those years.

Why can’t I ever get this on Woot to ship to Nebraska? The contrary will ship to my house without issue, but for over a year Woot has refused to shop Iron Horse to Nebraska.

Every response blames the vineyard, but then when I say that Iron Horse ships from the vineyard to my house there is no follow up.

Maybe different licenses are required for each? Or maybe Iron Horse really likes you and you should stop announcing to the world what they’re doing?

What “curtain”?

This curtain.

Thanks for sharing! I kept reading references
but couldn’t find the forum post. This sucks.

Hey! Where did the Iron Horse go! I wanted to get some.

It sold out. Sorry.