Iron Horse New Year's Eve Kit (3)



Iron Horse New Year’s Eve Kit 3-Pack
$99.99 $159.00 37% off List Price
2010 Classic Vintage Brut
2010 Russian Cuvee
2010 Brut X
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Iron Horse! Arrrghhh! No!

You’re killin’ me!


He wants all your moneies!!!


I was literally just thinking about this last night.


I do like my Iron Horse, but I’m most defiantly NOT a fan of Brut X. Will have to pass :frowning:


Iron Horse reminds me of one of my favorite dinners (two of them) outside at Joy’s parents house during the RPM tours. Sublime food, conversation and setting.

some good wine as well.

Joy is a great partner.


Can’t say no to Iron Horse. You’re killing me, WD.


It was an incredible experience. Thank you for helping to set it up and thanks to Joy and her lovely parents for hosting us!

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How is the $159 list price calculated? I saw two bottles for $42 and one for $50 on the website, which doesn’t seem to add up to $159…thanks in advance for the clarification!




I haven’t had any of these, though I loved their wedding cuvee.


Yes, they will arrive in time for New Years. The message has been added to the features now.


Yeah, shipping. I was a member of the Iron Horse wine club for number of years, receiving 2 bottles six times a year, and the shipping was killing me. During our memorable visit to the winery during last summer’s tour, I switched to 6 bottles twice a year, saving considerably. Now despite at least 5 cases of Iron Horse bubbly in the cellar, I can’t see any way to resist this deal. They’re all a bit different, but all excellent examples of what a talented winemaker can do with the quality of grapes grown on the Iron Horse Estate. A serious autobuy. Ask anyone who’s tasted any of them.


For anyone who has not had Iron Horse, this is a great deal on some GREAT bubbles!! Stock UP!!


While not in this offer, I see the '10 Wedding Cuvée made the WE top 100 list at #10 with 95 points

Clearly, Joy and David knew what to do with the vintage.

None of these in the cellar yet, but they’ll be on the way.

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[NOTE] WD, get that bottle of Tut you’ve got stashed away to David when these bottles exchange hands.


Gotta add my endorsement to Iron Horse. Visited this summer on the RPM tour. Tasted some wonderful wine and met Joy’s amazing parents. It’s a night I won’t forget.


Our pleasure! Please make it one of your New Year resolutions to come visit again soon and often.


Just got a call from UPS telling me my Iron Horse club shipment is there, ready for pickup. What a coincidence! Can never have too much Iron Horse. Now how many of this offer should I buy, after LW and I both jumped on the Wellington offer yesterday?


Sold. I really love pretty much all of the Iron Horse sparklings. The Russian is my favorite, as being dry and flavorful.

These 3 packs were a steal at $60, a bargain at $75. Now that we’re up to $100, I’m going to start having to look at ordering by the case from the source. But if you’re looking to try something new, this is a great way to have fun.