Iron Horse New Year's Sparkling Wine Medley (4)

Iron Horse New Year’s Sparkling Wine Medley 4-Pack
$134.99 $212.00 36% off List Price
2008 Brut Rose, Sonoma County
2010 Classic Vintage Brut, Sonoma County
2011 Brut X, Sonoma County
2011 Ocean Reserve, Blanc de Blancs, Sonoma County

I only have one of these four.
How long do I hold out deciding if two or three woots are appropriate…

Yet another WD seasonal auto-buy for whatever pain you can endure.

Thanks Joy, David and WD.

This should be popular…

I’ve enjoyed different vintages of all these wines this year except the rose and they are excellent. I’m holding a winter cuvée for my New Year’s Eve.

What the H-E-double hockey sticks? This is gonna be difficult to ignore.

I just had a bottle of the rose a couple weeks ago. It was wonderful. Not sure of the vintage though.

Wasn’t New Jersey on the ship list for the last Iron Horse offer?

I have all of these (like TT, not sure of the vintages though). Must. Try. To. Resist. Thanks Joy and WD!

So, check your CT on that…
It’s gotta be more current than some here.

Thanks Joy!

Another rpm AUTOBUY from one of my very favorite ladies and sparkling wines!

Yes, NJ and quite a few other states should be on the list. Working on getting it fixed.

Update: Ok, about 8 states were added back in.

What Ron just said - in for two.

My wife and I love IH, especially their sparkling wines!

The 2010 Classic Vintage Brut is very good bubbly. Only notes I have are fruity, light, dry, with small bubbles and very enjoyable. Had it at our NYE party, so enjoying the company more than critically tasting wine :slight_smile:

Had the 2010 Brut X on the same night and it wasn’t my cup of tea. It is extremely dry. Other people enjoyed it, but I will stick to something else.

We just opened a bottle of the 2010 Ocean’s Reserve on Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. Has anyone had 2011? I am sure it is great, but I wait to hear reviews before buying 2011s usually. Especially helpful if anyone has tried both the '10 and '11.

Probably going to buy, but I am already pretty heavy into next years wine budget after the Wellington mystery case last week… WD, you are not my wife’s favorite person, haha!

We’ve enjoyed all of our Iron Horse still and sparkling- but the Ocean Reserve… it makes this a whale of a buy! Love the Ocean!!!

Right there with you, I need to work down a couple of cases before I buy from any sources. See you guys in April!

Mr J and I visited Iron Horse Winery on a trip to Sonoma County this past fall.

It’s a gorgeous vineyard in a beautiful landscape (plus the wines of course :slight_smile: ). If you ever get a chance to visit, do!

Wow… Impeccable timing. We finished our last bottle of Iron Horse on Saturday. I’m in!

I keep buying wine, despite my best intentions. I guess an actual siwbm will begin in 2016.

You could switch the adjectives and it would work just as well!

I really, really can’t. This is an amazing offer, though.