Iron Horse New Year's Sparkling Wine Medley (4)

Basically echoing what everyone else said:

Anything Iron Horse is an auto buy, they’re a perennial favorite in our house. Great wines all around.

We visited the vineyard a few years ago while doing a tour de Sonoma and loved it.

If you’re on the fence and/or if you’ve never tried them before, click that big yellow/orange button!

Would love to but just checked CT to see how many bottles i’ve bought this year…ugghh just ridiculous, change is in the wind.

Sorry that was me… Damn Indian food.

Hoping we see an offer of the upcoming “Cuvée 50” in January for the Super Bowl!!

Likewise, but I have no idea where I’ll put it.
Ah, I’ll bet Cortot has some room.

just changing bottles huh?

Nope…when all added up I could have taken the whole family to Europe and drank a ton of thin acidic wines that I love for a month! Ugghh

If you have my address and ship it to me I may choose to take it as a donation…

I just had an '06 rose Sunday. Was very yummy. Only one IH Rose left. Guess it is time to replenish.

Just lit up North Carolina!

Would anyone in Denver want to swap a bottle of the Brut X for any of the other bottles in this offer?

Still no love for North Dakota. You guys do realize that we drink more per capita than any other state…

+2 (since I bought 2) to all of the above :tongue: