Iron Horse Ocean Reserve Sparkling (2)

Iron Horse Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs Sparkling 2-Pack
$74.99 $120.00 38% off List Price
2010 Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs
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Wow, long time since I was First Sucker!

There’s always room for sparklies! :happy:

First sucker: MarkDaSpark

Plus it’s Iron Horse! Auto-Buy!

Sigh. I love IH, great wine and bubbles. I have so little room left in the cellar, but this is an autobuy.

Can anyone from the winery chime in if they still donate $4/bottle to Nat Geo’s Ocean Initiative even with the sale price?

And it’s not really sweet, so don’t worry about it.

Joy mentions the donation in her vintner’s voicemail so I would assume that yes, the sale of these bottles also contributes to the cause. It really is a wonderful voicemail which deserves a listen.

Happy Earth Day!


This is my all time favorite from Iron Horse!!! I have no room or money…so what to do? …
Only get 1 offer and ask for forgiveness later. :wink:

Edit: I Convinced my mom to go in for 1!!! So I just ordered 2!!

I love Iron Horse as well as the next guy, but Woot fails on best deal here.

This is still available on Invino for $34.99 w/$10 shipping per order (regardless of quantity). For me that works out to an almost identical deal for 2 bottles because I get taxed by woot but not Invino, so $80 delivered to my door either way. Any more than 2 bottles and Invino is the better deal.

It also doesn’t take as long to ship with Invino.

If confirmed are you going to write off the full purchase price on your taxes?

Iron Horse is our favorite wine woot that comes up.

The Ocean Reserve has been our favorite- just the right balance of flavors that match well for almost anything and perfect bubbles!

SWMBO and I LOVE Iron Horse. We just bought the Rainbow Cuvee, though (and it hasn’t even been delivered yet), so I’m not sure whether we’re in for this one… But it’s a tough one to pass on.

Do. It.

I was going to pick up some of the classic vintage brut today locally for considerably less per bottle than this. Can someone compare the two for me?

Sure. The Classic Vintage Brut has gold foil topper with their classic label in light black while the Ocean Reserve has a blue foil topper with a picturesque blue label. :tongue:

**Classic Stats: **
Acid: .87 g/100ml
pH: 3.08
Bottling Date: July, 2011
Residual Sugar: .83 g/100ml
Alcohol %: 13.5

** Ocean Stats: **
Acid: .93 g/100ml
pH: 2.92
Bottling Date: July, 2012
Residual Sugar: .70 g/100ml
Alcohol %: 13.5

So Ocean will be dryer, with a slightly higher pH and acidity. More citrus on nose and taste than the Classic, which is the traditional blend of PN and Chardonnay grapes.

Thank you sir that was mostly helpful.

Well, can I help it if you can’t formulate proper questions sometimes? :wink:

FYI for those new to here, cortot20 is a close fiend of my oldest nephew, so we kid each other.

He’s also probably a bit envious that I gave my nephew and his new wife a 3L of Iron Horse bubbly (special offer on WW some years back) when they got married. :wink:

You’re a bad influence, TT!

Happy Earth Day! Yes I am very proud to report that Iron Horse contributes $4/bottle to National Geographic’s Ocean Initiative, helping establish Marine Protected Areas and support sustainable fishing around the globe. We have dedicated our Blanc de Blancs production to this partnership. Production ranges from 800 to 1,000 cases a year. This is our 6th vintage of making Ocean Reserve.

Just to be clear … yes … even with the sale price!

You just can’t have too many bubbles!!!