Iron Horse Ocean Reserve Sparkling (3)

So Sparky, what (aside from the source) prompted your purchase?

It’s Iron Horse!! Duh.

Plus, I need to make sure the cellar is stocked if CJ ever makes it out this way again. She does love her Bubbly!

Edit: Also, I seemed to remember seeing that they would donate part of the cost to something environmental.

According to their website: “For every bottle you purchase, Iron Horse will donate $4 to establish marine protected areas and reduce overfishing around the world.”

I wonder if you’re truly the only taker, or is it that the stats are broken?

I think the stats may be broken … I bought the Wellington after the “Last Wooter” time, but it still hasn’t updated.

Although CT doesn’t show any other purchases from Wine.Woot on the 2009 Iron Horse Vineyards Ocean Reserve page.

Compared to wedding cuvee and summer cuvee how does this compare?

Anybody in the greater NYC area interested in a split? My usual wine-buying buddies are on SIWBMs at the moment.

CT has this (91) higher than the Wedding (89.6) and just a little higher than the Summer (90.3), all 2009 vintages.

IH quote: “On the Eastern seaboard, our Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs is a natural with steamed clams or stone crab with drawn butter.”

Went in for one to keep peace in the house after the Wellington purchases so far in this WootOff.

This is getting expensive!

Stats have to be broken … we’ve had one other (dalematthew) confirm purchase 8 minutes ago, but it still hasn’t updated yet.

Edit: And neither has the Wellington!! :frowning:

Indeed. My woot tracker is showing it’s at 46%. Getting to be decision time. After your last post about the pairings, I suddenly saw myself drinking this in Maine, with the freshest of fresh lobstahs. A lovely thought.

InFrom, in NYC will take 1 off your hands if you want. PM me.

I’m just completing my purchase, I’ll PM you in a bit.

stats have been fubar for most offers during this W-O.
TT has been unusually quiet as well on the issue.


I’m in!! :slight_smile:

I almost missed it!

InFrom & OoWillz…both of you need to head on over to the Gatherings tab at some point. Once we’re able to rescheudle the tasting that will be hosted at beefytaco’s place, you should join us.
And I’m glad you guys saw each other. I started to read the thread, saw InFrom’s post…but it was already too late, because I bought my set before coming into the thread. With less than 7% left of the offer by the time I saw it, I couldn’t chance missing out. :tongue:

EDIT: Actually, you guys should head over there now and help offer up suggestions of what dates would work for you so we can all try to pick a new date.

I did miss it :frowning:

Me too… :frowning: