Iron Horse Ocean Reserve Sparkling (3)

Iron Horse Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs Sparkling 3-Pack
$109.99 $137.00 20% off List Price
2011 Iron Horse, Ocean Reserve Blanc de Blancs, Green Valley

All of the Iron Horse sparkling wines are first-rate, worth paying full price, in my opinion. The Ocean Reserve is one of my favorites; crisp and dry, but full of flavor, good with anything, from appetizers to dessert, or on its own. At this price, it’s an absolute steal.

This is always an auto buy for me. No Iowa this time? So sad…:frowning:

Pleased to hear that! I am serving it at my daughter’s wedding reception in 2 weeks. At what temperature do you enjoy this wine the most?

Youse guyz are killing me. My cellar overflowith but I can’t help myself. In for one.

I like to start drinking it right at fridge temperature, and then enjoy the evolution of the flavors as it warms up a bit. Might sound crazy to some people, but try it.

Joy, if you come to join the discussion today, would you be so kind as to send me a personal message? I have a private inquiry regarding this offer. Much appreciated!

That’s how we typically drink good sparkling wines as well. The cheaper stuff we will put in an ice bucket to keep cold, but anything from IH doesn’t need to be ice cold to enjoy!

Roger that. Unfortunately for my bank account, IH has spoiled me for the “cheaper stuff”, and is now our standard house pour when there’s company.

I have no storage room, I’m working crazy hours to fund all this; yet, in for one to make a five year vertical, and wish it was more.

This is my Favorite IH!!! I’m sad that I am “behaving” myself and can not buy at this time… If you can… buy… buy… buy!!!

A few dollars more per bottle than previous offers but agree that it’s still well worth it!

For Joy or others who are devotees of the brand: How long will this cellar? I plan to give 2 of the bottles as wedding presents and I was thinking of suggesting “For your 10 year anniversary!” Should I back down to 5 year? 1 year?

Yes, a lot of Woot! wines have spoiled us as well. By lesser sparklers, I mean Gruet, haha. That’s our go-to for mimosas and as bottle to share with friends who are not very into wine.

Based on my limited experience with holding a bottle of Wedding Cuvée well past when it should have been consumed, and discovering that it was still absolutely wonderful, I’d personally be willing to take a chance on 10 years, but I’d be near certain it’s safe for at least 5.