Iron Horse Rainbow Cuvee (2)

Iron Horse Rainbow Cuvée 2-Pack
$86.99 $131.00 34% off List Price
2010 Iron Horse Rainbow Cuvée
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As a wine club member, I happened to have a couple of bottles of the 2010 Rainbow Cuvée on hand, so we pulled a cork last night, with the wine well chilled, and poured a couple of glasses. In the glass, a lovely light straw color, no pink showing from the tiny amount of PN in the dosage. First impression of the nose: a light citrusy aroma, lemon and lime, really pleasant. On the palate, more of the same, plus some flinty minerality, with a nice acidity to balance it off. As the wine warmed up a bit during the meal, I started to taste some of the pear flavors I was expecting, together with a light yeastiness. Later still, nearing room temperature, I got the distinct aroma and taste of green apples, along with everything else. A delicious, complex bubbly, perfect with our meal. Chilean Sea Bass with a lime juice, shallot, cilantro, and ginger sauce, accompanied by jasmine rice and steamed snow peas finished with lemon-infused EVOO.
When the Iron Horse sales department called last month, I didn’t mind ordering a couple at $58/bottle, plus shipping. At this price, even harder to resist.

Thank you for the notes and for sacrificing a pricey bottle for the community. We appreciate it.

Agreed, thanks to ddeuddeg and bahwm for taking one for the team! Sounds delicious but it’s Iron Horse so that’s to be expected. :slight_smile:

A few $ more than some of their other sparklers but at only 250 cases this is a very limited production wine. I am trying to be good, saving for a wedding… but will check with SWMBO on this one. If it was the Brut LD I’d max out first and ask questions later!

Iron Horse is good stuff! I’d normally be all over it, but a local wine shop had their '08 Russian Cuvée for $30/bottle, so trying to decide if I need more.

I’m in the same boat, saving for a wedding… but it sure sounds good! Choices, choices…

At $40 or under a bottle, I’d be in for 2 sets. I understand why it’s priced as it is, but this is a little too rich for me.

Good Morning Wooters! How are you this fine day? Please know how much my family and I appreciate your great, on-going support of our wines … and most importantly your friendship. Let me tell you this wine is worth the price … even without your special discount. Of course is my totally unbiased opinion. I love how rich it is. Besides, no one else is getting this price. Even our esteemed wine club members.

$43.50 - $40 = $3.50 < one cup of Starbucks.

As I understand it, even your esteemed employees. :wink:

Thank you. Thank you Thank you. For being the first on your block to get Rainbow Cuvee. Your pairing sounds perfectly delicious. And you, my friend, are simply ideal - both a wine club member and a Wouter!

True! When we say no discounts, we mean no discounts. Except WineWoot.

Love your math!

Yes, but LD is $98/btl … when available. Remember, Iron Horse is very small. But a gem, in my eyes.

Plus tax.

Dude, shipping is included. It IS under $40 a bottle.

I’m in. I bought my first ever case of wine at IH during the RPM tour last summer.

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And now you know my alternate account.

Mmmm…Love Iron Horse. What’s the drinking window on these? I’m going down to Sanibel Island with three other couples next month to thaw out from another OH winter. So one set won’t last past the first day. But I’m also thinking it may be nice to hold on a couple more for something down the road.

At checkout with tax mine comes to $94.82. So for each bottle its $47.41 shipped. Not sure how you achieved the under $40 a bottle math.

Too pricey for me as well.

Happy coincidence to see this pop up today, I was just looking for a good sparkling yesterday :slight_smile: