Iron Horse Red White and Bubbly - 3 Pack

Iron Horse Red White and Bubbly - 3 Pack
$119.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 2008 Q Pinot Noir
1 2009 M Chardonnay
1 2006 Brut X
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What’s the drinking window on these?

it shows 6 bottles but says 3? which is correct? $119 sounds high for 3 bottles

UBlink, you called it!
This is expensive stuff! Very very good stuff, but expensive. I remember loving the Q Pinot when were there on the Tour, but I don’t remember the M Chardonnay.

While I debate this with myself, welcome back Joy!

can shipping on this be held until the weather cools off? (as in Oct 1 ???)

It took me a while to realise that most of these are non-sparklers, so it makes no sense to ask how long the Q and M were kept sur lie! I’m told their chardonnay is Very good, and it’s certainly going to be crisp and acidic, given those stats! I would like to know how bending french oak in water makes a difference to the barrels, though!

PN: Pommard’s a pretty heavy clone, and though the stats aren’t “classic” i think it’ll perhaps need some cellaring…

holy misleading photo!

Except for the part where full retail/winery price is $50 for the Brut X, $85 for the Q Pinot, and likely $45 or so for the Chardonnay, although that last one appears to be a woot launch?

EDIT: So at the supposed winery price vs woot price, we’re looking at $180 for $120, which is about what we often see from Iron Horse.

Yeah, it ain’t cheap, but this is upper-tier wine. Good to see Woot making an attempt to sell wine from a great producer with history here. With five offers per week plus Woot-offs, I’m sure folks can get their fill of daily drinkers.

I assume 6. And the X would probably take nearly half of that value, at abut $25 each, and the four non-sparklers you’d be getting for something just over $15 each…

EDIT $85 for the Q Pinot? Maybe it is 3 then!

Where are my notes, I wonder? I think it was our last stop and I may not have made them properly!

This is just a guess, but I’m going to say that bending the staves in water prevents them from getting that big toasty flavour and imparting it to the nice crisp Chardonnay. Just a guess, though, and I’m sure Joy can clarify.

Also, it appears that this vintage of the Pinot is not the same one we tasted on the Tour, as it’s just been released. I’d love to hear a comparison of the prior release to this vintage.

You always get what’s in the photo…for the six bottles offered before us the QPR is OFF THE CHARTS!!!

$85.00 x2 2008 Q Pinot Noir
$50.00 x2 2006 Brut X
$46.00 x2 Green Valley of Russian River Valley (appears to be the Rued Clone Chardonnay)

$362 = GREAT DEAL!!!

EDIT: Famous last words…not this time folks, new photo posted now showing three bottles :frowning:

Wow…this is fun to see:

Iron Horse Red White and Bubbly - 3 Pack
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Is this the first woot product with a picture meant to trick the buyer?

Ill elaborate on this more tomorrow, but this is off the charts must buy. The Q pinot is probably the best CA pinot ive ever had. The brut x is excellent. Havent tried the m chard from the wine club shipment yet though

The Brut X and the Chard are right up my alley right now but i’m just not in a Pinot mood anymore. Can I just buy two of the three?

At that price per bottle the black tie monkey should be showing him (or her) self.

My guess is that the retail on this is lower than that, and this is different from their usual PN and Chard, as additional cuvees, for the folliwing reason. There was a huge harvest in 09 IIRC, and 08 was pretty good. Peter Wellington told us in the harvest report that winemakers had spare grapes being sold off cheap in 09. I suspect these are made from spare, but good Iron Horse grapes left over, rather than being the regular wines.

I’d be very happy to be wrong, but even if I’m not, it should be rather good juice…

WD got clarification on the number of bottles yet?