Iron Horse Russian Cuvee (3)

Iron Horse Russian Cuvée 3-Pack
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2012 Iron Horse Russian Cuvée

Ah, this must be the one they are currently serving on the white house

Yes, in fact, it is.

2012 Russian Cuvée
Russian Cuvée commemorates the style of sparklings we made for the historic Reagan-Gorbachev summit meetings, which ended the Cold War. This is the richest of the Iron Horse Sparklings, yet still technically brut level dry. An ideal toasting wine, it has been served at the White House for five consecutive presidential administrations.

This is one of my favorite wines. I discovered it here and I’m thrilled to see it.

Why in the name of all that’s drunk can’t this ship to Nebraska? I can order from the vineyard’s site and ship to Nebraska. I can buy this wine from other sites and ship to Nebraska. Why not here?

I’ve asked this once before and got no response.

Word is Iron Horse has not received the license renewal from Nebraska so it had to be kept off this time. sorry.

Love this bubbly! Just had some again at the tasting room last week! It was also a hit with our friend who had never tasted it before!

Sorry, but I have been trying for about a year to get Iron Horse from woot again with no luck. David has not responded to my pm from November.

I’ve bought from the vineyard every 2 months, give it take, since woot stopped selling to me.

Sounds good,and we got MI on the map :wink:. Wifey will not be as excited,tho. She says I have been spending WAY too much on Woot!