Iron Horse Sparkling Duet

Iron Horse Sparkling Duet
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: white
1 2005 Classic Vintage Brut
1 2005 Russian Cuvée
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Previous offer (2004 vintage):

Iron Horse is on my Auto-Buy list! In for 2!

c’mon people! only 396 of these left!

I hear these guys are rather good. Does this rumour have good legs?

Always a buy! I think Iron Horse is unquestionably one of the three best sparkling wine producers in California. This is an rpm “must buy!”

Well here’s a fun fact from their website about the Russian Cuvee:
“The same base wine as Classic Vintage Brut, but with a richer dosage, which makes it more opulent, slightly sweeter and heightens the fruit. Originally designed for the historic Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meetings ending the Cold War. According to USA Today, ‘an intertwining of the arts of diplomacy and gastronomy’.”

This sparkler ends wars, people!

Thank you rpm! In for 3 then. NV Champers costs one hell of a lot more, so overpriced, and tastes of crap. I look forward to this with glee!

Yet… Will I have to stay up all night in case the Corizon comes on? I’m currently in Vegas playing poker at the Venetian (to pay for my wooting!) Then a drive to SF!


in for 3. hope it’s as good as y’all say it is

Dang, makes me wish you could ship to PA.

It is.

Pry going to have to sit it out, just got the new Joy! Rose, and there’s a club shipment too soon, so we’d be a little overloaded with bubbles

Man, this is a wootoff killer…

I know. I don’t understand it.
I did my part tho.

The Russian Cuvee is absolutely fantastic. We had two orders of this offer for New Year’s. Everybody loved it. The other wine in the duo is not as good (two sweet for my tastes) but is still pretty good.

I’ve made mimosas with both of these for guests (usually with hangovers) many times and always get compliments that they are the best mimosas they’ve ever had. I don’t mind taking the credit, even if it is overkill to mix O.J. with these very fine sparklings.

No way I’m letting 3 slip by me.

In for one. We had this at our wedding under the Fairy Tale label from Disney.

Another wootoff? Man my wallet is going to form a black hole.

In for one. We had this at our wedding under the Fairy Tale label from Disney.

In for one. We had this at our wedding under the Fairy Tale label from Disney.

WD, I have a request! (Please) Joy said on the forums of the previous wooting that the disgorging… (Er, is that like bottling?) date is stamped on the outside of all their cases.

Can you go and look to see what is the rough date for these cases? Gives a better idea of how long we can keep em, from what Joy says, as the disgorging date seems to start the clock.