Iron Horse Sparkling Duet

There’s a glitch in the matrix.

I can’t praise Iron Horse enough. You need to buy this. Buy 3 of them. Fantastic.

In for one. We had this at our wedding under the Fairy Tale label from Disney.

I had a mauve square and I yearned to paint it black
Saw Iron Horse and almost had a heart attack
I clicked the button and filled in the special code
Now I just sit and wait for bubble overload…

Yep. Sorry about that. Was getting errors & didn’t think it was posting.

In for 3. Easy decision.

While I’m only familiar with their fantastic 2007 Chardonnay, I’m wondering if these can last till New Years?

Yes, store them upright away from sun and heat.

It’s alcohol people, not lettuce. These things don’t melt in a week.

Okay I had not wooted in a while so felt okay splurging on Ty and Peter. Now I’m pushing he envelope with Iron house. In for two

Stored correctly would be the drinking window?

Also was their a winner in the upright or on the side debate for sparkling wine?

Another woot off? Please woot, mercy!

Everyone should drink more sparkling wine. There’s no reason it should be a “celebration” wine. You can certainly use it for that, but sparkling wine also happens to be the most food friendly wine, and makes everyday seem like a little party. Plus who doesn’t like popping bottles? N42.

LOL. I guess I should have been more clear. While I know this technically can last for a long time, I think I’ll be too excited to wait to enjoy it with others and drink them myself.

Spot-on advice, 10cent. Couldn’t agree more.

I’m in for three. I only got one last time his deal came around, and I was kicking myself for it later when I drank them. Won’t make that mistake again.


Today will be hell for my budget.

urgh… can’t believe i missed this…
hopefully this won’t be like wednesday when the ty was the only thing worthwhile for the whole day…


Still no shipping info… shesh…

I got my tracking number just now, which says it shipped 1-Apr and will be delivered Thursday (8-Apr). Exactly the same as the Ty Caton Cab.