Iron Horse Sparkling Duet

Does anyone know how this compares to Crazy Horse?

Iron Horse Sparkling Duet
$44.99 + $5 shipping
1 2005 Classic Vintage Brut
1 2005 Russian Cuvée
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Previous Offers:
10/12/09 (2004 vintage)

A woot and rpm favorite! Outstanding California sparklers! Highly recommended!

Hope we’ll see Joy in July, too!

Not a trace of barnyard… on the nose or palate.

God this woot-off comes at a time when I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any wine for a while. And this is like the third offer I wish I could go in on. Must. Remain. Strong. Iron Horse is great stuff though for anyone not being tight with their wallet (like me).

I was just there on Saturday - loved the Russian Cuvee but didn’t get to try the Classic Brut. This is so very tempting but where shall I put it?? Joy did a great job with our group.

Glad to know this is among your favourites, rpm!

I was very unhappy I missed the Corison this morning. But that probably left the window open for me to buy this.

I regretted not jumping on this last time so in for 1 this time. I do love me some bubbly.

This is excellent stuff.

Especially the Russian. I served it at New Years and my French mother-in-law, actually said it was as good as a French Champagne. That’s a strong recommendation!

This is the third time I’ve bought the Sparkling Duet from w00t. First time, in for 2. Second time, in for 3. In for 3 again. The Russian Cuvee is especially delicious. IMO, this is the best value I’ve ever gotten from w00t.

.8 g/100ml and 1.4g/100ml residual sugar

Not sweet, right?

EDIT: Nevermind, I learned a bit about the sweetness (and naming conventions) of sparkling wine here.

I forgot to mention: I had both 2004 and 2005.

I thought that the 2005 Vintage Classic Brut was actually better than the 2004 (which wasn’t as interesting – the dryness parched the flavor?).

I haven’t tried the 2005 Russian yet.

This offering originally came up shortly after I first joined back in October. I came very close to ordering it back then, but I didn’t. Since then, having discovered what a glorious font of knowledge these boards are, I have built up the opinion that I really should have ordered some. This is all the more true because I really do like sparklers.

Missing all of the woot-off recurrences of the Iron Horse didn’t make me feel much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

In any event, based on the recommendations from these boards and my own preferences, I’m in for three.


How long can one hold on to these? I have very little experience with sparkling wine, but am tempted to pick up 1 to save for a special occasion. Only concern is I’m not going to have anything special enough happen in the next couple of years.

Word got back through the grapevine! Where to put it? In your (and your friends’) glasses, of course!

Opening these can make it a special occasion; they’re excellent!

Very good sparklers. I regularly purchase.

But I am drowning in wine currently. So I will passs this time but think twice before you pass this by.

But I just bought 2 bottles of DVX. :frowning:

Your tag line suggests you’ll find a way to give it a good home…

We are going to have a tasting this summer with 2 other couples- Mumm(NV)Brut and DVX versus these 2 offerings. I am looking forward to it already!!