Iron Horse Trio (3)

Iron Horse Trio $89.99 not $143 = 37% off List Price

(1) 2009 Iron Horse Vineyards Brut X
(1) 2009 Iron Horse Vineyards Classic Vintage Brut
(1) 2009 Iron Horse Vineyards Russian Cuvée
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Iron Horse Vineyards website

Very tempting indeed…I don’t have a ton of Iron Horse at the moment. I’m not a huge fan of the Brut X however - I prefer the Russian/Classic. Hrm.

Glad to see Ohio back on the list.

i know i just said that iron horse is a must buy for me on wine.woot but there really isn’t much of a discount compared to wine-searcher… i think i’m still in for 3 but wine.woot is making it this much more difficult…

Sad…I missed this one by like 5 minutes due to driving in to work. It ended shortly before I got to my desk. :frowning:

Dang! Missed it while traveling!