Iron Horse UnOaked Chardonnay (3)

My local Costco beats the price on this everyday. Try again Woot.

gotta get more of this, said SWMBO!

I was NOT planning on placing two orders in a short span of time. But first Wellington, and now this? How can I say no?

I wish my Costco would stock this, but I’ve never seen any IH there.

So what you’re saying is that this was an easy one to obey, huh? :wink:

Then your Costco is better than mine! Not only have they not carried the unoaked Chard for a while (fingers crossed on the 2013 showing up) the $19 they were charging is almost exactly the same price as here…

Last time I swung by the Azusa Costco it was $17.99 and readily available.