Iron Horse Vineyards Mystery (6)

Mystery revealed
(click the link then scroll down the page to see what people got)

Got two of these the last time around and very pleased. Just don’t have the space or $$$ to take another bite. :frowning:

I’d be in again if it was a different selection but that seems unlikely. Very happy with what I got, just don’t need more of the same.

I was very satisfied with what I received during the last offering, but I was extremely disappointed that I only went in for one…Well…I just solved that problem. Rolling the dice yet again!

iirc, ours were different from one another, but both of mine were the same; so two each of six.

Still, tempted…

Well this time they are selling to Tennessee…took the plunge!

True, you got a 2011 Brut instead of the 2009 the rest of us who posted got (wish more buyers would have posted). You also got difft. Chard & Pinot which seemed to be the only variables until your 2011 Brut.

And your only regret was that you bought 2 instead of 3, so… :tongue:

Ok, I fixed that.
So now we can move on.

I guess I’ll kick this off. These are the bottles that I received:

2013 Deer Gate Pinot Noir (signed)
2013 Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee
2010 Native Yeast Chardonnay
2012 Rainbow Cuvee
2011 Aureole Cuvee
2009 Classic Vintage Brut

Four of six I didn’t have, and they were all under CT average $$.

2009 Classic Vintage Brut
2012 Rainbow Cuvee
2013 Deer Gate Pinot Noir - signed
2010 Corral Vineyard Chardonnay
2013 Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee
2012 Commander’s Palace Brut

My first Iron Horse order, glad to see not everyone got the same thing. Question for those in the know…is it ok to store them in a dry pantry? Temp is generally between 70 to 75 degrees. How soon should I drink these? When is it too late?

Oh, and I didn’t get a complimentary tasting, not likely that I’ll be in California anyway, but wonder about that.