Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Mix (2)

Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Mix 2-Pack
$64.99 $101.00 36% off List Price
2010 Russian Cuvee
2012 Wedding Cuvee

I received my Wellington mystery case today. I was pleasantly surprised to find a 2003 Port included as my library selection. I am curios to hear what others received.

maybe you’ve figured it out already, but people are posting about their hauls in the thread for each offer. If you look at the list of woot offer threads in the forum, and click theft button to sort by the most recent posts, you’ll see the two Wellington offers floating around the top of the list.

IH a few days ago, 4-pack
IH here, now, 2-pack
IH now on RLL

WD, I need a bit of extra $$$ to shop for other gifts!

I was already well stocked on the '10 Russians but the '12 Wedding Cuvee will make my 6 year vertical a 7 year vertical, so… in for 2!