Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Mix (3)



Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Mix 3-Pack
$86.99 (Normally $135.09) 36% off List Price
2008 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut 750ml
2008 Iron Horse Russian Cuvée 750ml
2008 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée 750ml
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Thanks Inky!


In time for New Year’s Eve!

It may be too late for Christmas but it will arrive in time for New Year’s Eve!


Got heem


3 cases of Armageddon Beefaroni or 3 bottles of bubbly. I think I made the right choice.


Yea been some nice wines around here lately…sure hope the world doesn’t end tomorrow…well before I drink some of it anyway.


Joy, I recently happened upon a bottle of 1999 Russian Cuvee and 1998 Russian Cuvee. Any clue how these may have held up over the years and what I can expect from them?


Also, Im guessing that these are all dry or off dry, but which would be the sweetest of the 3? What is the sweetest bubbly that you make?


Second time this week missing out on a great one because no shipping to Virginia. This sucks :frowning:


Check out this thread to see why then start writing your state reps.


Welcome Back Joy!

We love Iron Horse sparklers at villa rpm and always order at least a couple whenever they come up.

We have visited Iron Horse on all four (2008, 2010, and 2 in 2012) rpm Magical History Tours and have received increasingly amazingly wonderful receptions and treatment each time.

Without doubt one of the absolutely premier California sparkling houses in my 50+ years experience tasting (the others, if you’re interested, are Schramsberg in Napa and Roederer Estate in the Anderson Valley) and the top house in Sonoma County.

This is a very nice sampler of their three main offerings at slightly different levels of dryness.

I have never had anything other than a very enthusiastic reception when I serve Iron Horse, even from convinced Francophiles.

The only way to go wrong here is to let this offer get away from you before you pull the trigger!


Aged champagne (sparkling wine) is a very interesting proposition. It tends to be yeastier, richer and more complex, though it often lacks the freshness well look for in younger sparkling wine.

I think Iron Horse sparklers age well. Joy often keeps some of each (good?) vintage on the yeasts longer and produces a ‘late’ or ‘recently’ disgorged sparkler that is absolutely premium and fabulous.

Sparklers aged in the bottle, differ from LD/RD sparklers, but both have great charms.

If you like aged wine at all, you will almost certainly enjoy these two bottles.


I would say the “sweetest” would be the wedding. (Edit: this is completely from memory. The wedding has been my least favorite of theirs.)


Is the 2008 a great year? I always snap up any IH offerings that I happen to see here. Unfortunately I am looking at this deal and questioning the price tag. What happened to the $25 a bottle deals?


I’m most likely going to go in on this, but these will also be my priciest per bottle purchase. That being the case, they’ll be special occasion bottles; likely New Year’s bottles for the next 2 years.

Any recommendations about the order to consume?


I looked back at the specs after posting that and noticed the residual sugars are listed this time (I think only the dosage was listed in previous offerings). The Wedding Cuvee actually has the least RS and the Russian Cuvee has the most, of these three.


It also has the lowest acid and no oaking.


Hi Joy! Hugs! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Happy New B’ak’tun and all that!

Looking very much forward to getting these. Can never have too much Iron Horse bubbly around… which reminds me, we’ve got like 5 bottles of the Brut Rose hiding somewhere. Mmm, can’t wait til New Year’s…!


The Russian River is the sweetest, Classic Vintage, and then Wedding.

Wedding is my favorite of the three, and I think IMO Russian is more interesting than the Classic Vintage - it’s a bit bigger and more complex. I think Classic Vintage is the most NYE typical and “black tie” of the three.

All three are dry though, and all very good.

Would definitely buy if it didn’t just get the club selection. Sitting on 7 bottles of bubbles right now.