Iron Horse Vineyards Sparkling Mix (3)


If I were buying…

As for price, as many of us have said many times, the economy is changing and gone are the days of $25/btl IH. I’m perfectly fine with $30/btl. For a long time, we reaped the benefits of grape glut and poor financial situations, but things, they are a’changing.


Any chance there is a way to have this held? Our office is going to be closed next week, traveling, etc.


plus inflation.


this is a must buy. I’m very picky about my sparklers, most I don’t care for, but I have never had an Iron Horse sparkler I didn’t love. And also, Joy is a joy! As rpm said, she was an incredible host on the tour and just an incredible lady!!! snatch this one up folks!!!


David Munksgard, Winemaker here.
Those are getting out there even for cool climate bubbly. Though I have enjoyed some that aged I generally like them a few years younger. However, you might be pleasantly surprised. Cheers!


Good Morning! These three bubbles are all brut level dry. The Russian is the sweetest of the three.





Love Iron Horse bubbly! :slight_smile: If I were not already set for the holidays, this would be the trio I’d choose.


Thank you! All of us here in the family wish you a wonderful, healthy, happy 2013!


Thanks! I’m already thinking about what we can do to make your visit in 2013 the best yet.


You just answered your own question. MAKE HIM VISIT IN 2013. The next likely tour won’t be until 2014…sigh.


This is a very interesting question. I would go for the Classic Vintage Brut, then the Wedding, followed by Russian Cuvee. But, some people I know and love, prefer the Wedding Cuvee first, So …



6 years ago we went to San Francisco to visit a relative. We went to Russian River for the weekend and stopped at Iron Horse on the way up - Friday afternoon, shortly before closing. I’m not sure which was better - the hospitality or the wines, but they were both outstanding!


WTF! This is the 4th email to you guys about a shipment that I did not receive. Below is the information and what happened. I have confirmations that you received the support request, but have heard nothing for over a week now. Someone take care of this.

Details for Wine.Woot Order #42571659 - Phat Goose
Order Date: December 3, 2012

I had to step out on the day it ended up being delivered, so they left a 1st delivery attempt sticker on my door. I waited the next 4 days for them to return but they didn’t. I went to check the order status and it was already being shipped back to Sonoma. I called the shipping company and they claim that Woot put a single delivery order on the package and it wasn’t their fault. They of course couldn’t provide proof that you had done that.

Anyway, all I want is clarification on the product and/or refund. I would really like the wine and even attempted to contact you through the community when it was offered again 3-4 days ago, but no dice. Now that you have signed for it, I am guessing my card will be refunded. If there is a way to resend the wine, that is my preference, but if not, please someone respond as to a refund.

I know its the holidays, but I have always had great customer service/support from Woot, but this is getting out of hand.


Double sigh


Please come back to taste with us again soon and often!


Hello, sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to PM me to take this discussion further.

Returned wine due to someone not being there for a signature (the whole 21 year old thing) is a common customer service issue in this game.

Our warehouse holds extra wine for that particular winery for this very purpose.

if you indicated to support@woot that you would like the product re-shipped, than it will be in the Q to be sent back out.

This is the time of the season where we are in a mad dash to get product out in time for Christmas, so it might not be reshipped in as timely a fashion as other times of the year, but it will get back on the road.

shoot me that private message if this doesn’t ring true to you.

Thanks and sorry the Phat Goose did not get to you soonter.


I remember buying this trio before but I don’t remember paying $89.99. X