Iron Horse Vineyards Wedding Cuvée (3)

Iron Horse Vineyards Wedding Cuvée 3-Pack
$97.99 $150.00 35% off List Price
2013 Iron Horse Vineyards Wedding Cuvée

This stuff was a tad too sweet and wheaty for me. It always tasted worse as it warmed. Saving my $ for future offers!

Wheaty or yeasty?
I like me some yeast, and many like a bit of sweet as opposed to a brut, that I also like.

I do hope this is over in 95 minutes however.

More yeast as it warmed. People often rave about it but it’s not my cup of tea. My husband agreed. I’d take a bottle of Gruet brut any day over this.

We must all be burnt out. I remember when Iron Horse would have gone like hotcakes, and as of right now it has been 21 minutes since the last purchase.


…has its’ consequences.

It simply doesn’t seem like a deal. I often see this at $39.99 in store and can find it online for the same price right now.

Unbelievable roster for this Woot-Off. I am very afraid for how this plays out the rest of the way. So much so I am keeping my powder dry.

please take this down and put something else up to take more of my money, thanks

This was just up on Winespies for roughly the same price. I think people are focusing on stuff that will be harder to come by at Woot pricing in 2018.

Feisty group tonight??!!! Had to put the credit cards in the freezer to cool them down!

EDIT: Correct. $107.32 for 3 bottles of same wine with shipping to me here in SC from Wine Exchange

No IL ship, my apologies

I can pick up for free which may entice me to check out wine exchange

How does this compare in sweetness to a Moscato?

Nice review. I’ve been digging deeper into sparkling wines and I don’t prefer higher or lower dosage, actually. Both have their place. And, I also like the yeast/bread notes.

Maybe you’d be into some of the zero dosage champagne and sparklers out there? Not my style, but they’re becoming (more) popular.

This will be like 10-15% (maybe 20%?) of the sweetness level of your standard grocery store, bubbly moscato.

No kidding! If the IH prices stay like that next time i’m up that way, definitely getting a few!