Iron Horse!

I could be wrong, but I think the case deal is the single highest priced deal I have seen to-date on wine.woot.

Almost looks like Christmas/gift week; what with the Cavedon, Candy Basket, and now IH.
We just need the Kronos.
I’ve got some of the Thomas Road, and even with a $15 discount coupon and FS it cost me just under $66.
Notice too how Be Still has bottles not offered separately, but phew, what a buy-in to grab 'em.

Pinot Nomr. Please.

We just need the Kronos.


Actually, it looks like the “Iron Horse Single Vineyard Chard 3-Pack” has one each of three different bottles.

There are certainly some tempting bottles here . . . I’ve never had any PN from IH - any comments from those who have tried them before?

When I visited IH in July, I tasted the PN and thought it was awesome. I bought a couple of bottles (nothing else) but have them cellaring. I’m tempted to get a three pack, since it is much less expensive here than at the winery (still not inexpensive for this simple palate though). I will probably do so later in the week.

2012 Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay 4 Pack - $84.99
2010 Iron Horse Single Vineyard Chardonnay (mixed) 3-Pack - $104.99

(1) Corral Vineyard, (1) Native Yeast, (1) Rued Clone
2009 Iron Horse Heritage Clone Chardonnay 2-Pack - $74.99
2012 Iron Horse Estate Pinot Noir 3-Pack - $109.99
2011 Iron Horse Thomas Road Pinot Noir 2-Pack - $124.99
Iron Horse “Be Still” Mixed Case - $469.99

(2) Heritage Clone Chard, (2) Corral Vineyard Chard, (2) Native Yeast Chard, (2) Rued Clone Chard, (2) Estate Pinot, (2) Thomas Rd. Pinot

Correct, so the case is basically 2 of those 3-packs, the Thomas Rd. PN 2-pack, the Heritage Chard 2-pack and 2 of the Estate PN. Purchased separately, it works out to $483.30 (pro-rated the Estate PN @ $36.67 each), a savings of $13 if you buy the mixed case.

The Estate PN is very good but the Thomas Rd. Pinot is amazing!

How is it possible that the Thomas Road bottling date is before the harvest date?

That’s how magically it truly is!!!
Or perhaps typo???

Choose your own adventure.

Magical yes, but in this case a typo. It was harvested in 2011 and bottled in 2012.

Hello to all my Wooter friends. I know it’s so hard to “be still”, but well worth it!

One word I would use is “elegant”. These are not “knock your socks off” wines. They glide your socks off!

Thanks for popping in to confirm! WD was checking into it. :slight_smile:

Got some Estate Chardonnay…yum! Still pondering the single vineyard Chards. Because we’re not overflowing enough!

Really considering the estate and Thomas pinot but man I hate having to ship supposedly fantastic wine while it’s still hot…no matter how skilled the shipper is :frowning: what to do?

One thing to consider is that we’re down to just about 100 cases or so of this vintage of the Thomas Road.

These wines are all outstanding. In addition to what we tasted on the Tour this Summer, I was at Iron Horse a week later with my sister-in-law from Norway. We tasted through all of the still wines as well as the sparklers. I was mega impressed with these wines. Buy, my friends. These are not inexpensive wines, but they are very, very good. The Green Valley Pinots are really very fine. This part of Western (but not Coastal) Sonoma County produces some marvelous Pinot and Chardonnay. Dutton Goldflield is just a couple of miles away and I tasted 5 or 6 truly outstanding Pinots from the area as we were in Sebastopol after the Tour for a family wedding.

My Scott Harvey double mag arrived cool to the touch. Always 2 nights in transit - one in Sacramento and one local.

Yea yea i’m in for the pinots sure hope they arrive cool :slight_smile: