Iron Horse!

Email for you!

Well, I am a bit of an Iron Horse slappy, full disclosure. That being said, I like all of their Pinot Noirs, but the Thomas Road is really, really good. Anytime I’ve poured it for guests, they have been blown away.

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Greetings Wooters!

Notice that TN, GA, WI, & MN have been added to today’s sale!

All rejoice!

The Thomas Road Pinot is very, very good. When we visited it was something like $80+/bottle, this is probably the best deal I’ve seen on it.

Joy what do you predict the aging potential on the 2012 Thomas Road?

Seems far too young to try now.

I wonder what vintage we tried when we visited you on the woot tour back in 2012?

It was, by far, the best Pinot of the entire trip.

Since 2011 is the current vintage, we probably had the 2009 on the '12 RPM tour.
I pulled the Thomas Rd. trigger last night (and grabbed some Estate Chard this a.m.).
Woot! Woot! :slight_smile:

I sort of wish I had done the still tasting when I was there in August. I was a little underwhelmed with the sparkling offerings, with the exception of the wedding cuvee, which was decent.

The CT reviews (scant that they are) are a little unenthusiastic for this price point. Any other counterpoints from those here who have tried the PNs?

I may be in the minority but the IH Bubbles I have had have been ok, not great. Overpriced in my opinion. Drink like $15 bottles to me. Not sure about the still IH wines, though

I haven’t been buying much wine this year, but I had to go in for the Thomas Road Pinot. I still have very fond memories of drinking that one on the RPM tour two tours ago.