Iron or Gold

I don’t really get it. I think it might be Game of Thrones, but I haven’t seen it. Anyone care to help a stupid fellow Wooter?

Okay, I’m going to take a guess here, is this a Game of Thrones reference? (I don’t have cable, some one tell me if I got it right.)

Awesome design! The rest of the write up won’t load. Is this a Game of Thrones reference?

The design is great, but now I want a high quality deck of cards with this design throughout.

I believe so. (Haven’t watched it either.)

Another tee-a-day site has a GoT tee today, too. Thematic!

I guess you could say we’re all in dire need of an explanation tonight :slight_smile:

Is this metallic? Description/writeup won’t load for me.

Yes, this is a Game of Thrones reference! Four main houses–Targaryen (Dragon), Stark (Wolf), Lannister (Lion), Baratheon (Stag).

Nice touch on the coins/gold with the Lannisters and the poor sword at the Stark’s neck.

This looks really cool (and glittery). And if I never watch any HBO, I won’t “officially” know it’s a reference to something I might have heard of, right? Is it? I join the list waiting for an answer.

I love how intricate each king card is drawn. Whether or not I get the reference, that is some nicely done line work there.

I read the books, and I’m pretty sure that it is the four houses. But who knows; anything can happen on the internet.

Yes, Game of Thrones.

Stark: DireWolves
Lannister: Lions
Baratheon: Stags
Targaryen: Dragons

I also have not seen game of thrones before however after reading the write up the memes have taught me enough to recognize that it is a Game of Thrones reference.

Thus being said I think it is more important that this shirt is awesome even without you needing to be “In the know”. For those people who get the reference its cool, for those who don’t…it’s still cool. This is my kind of shirt.

The write up is a discussion between a couple of pig farmers and war.

Don’t wear this shirt: While watching thinly-veiled softcore pornography on HBO.

We call this color: Beware the Blackened Man

Design Size:
3X – S: 10.91” x 18.80”
WXL - WS: 8.41” x 14.50”
K12 - K4: 7.25” x 12.50”

Pantone Colors: 427C - 143C - 167C

I hope this is helpful.

Ah the Greyjoys and their iron price. “We do not sow” they say.

“We do not appear on this shirt” should be their secondary line.

(All joking aside, I like the shirt title.)

Awesome shirt! I don’t understand how so many people have gone this long without reading the books or watching the show…missing out!

Excellent! Springing for the overnight so I can wear it at the season finale!

I’m glad you appreciate that fact. I worked really hard to create a piece of nice art first, and a fun reference second.

For those still wanting an official answer, it is a reference to said Game, and the art is an homage of sorts to the 4 main house sigils. This season of the show is based on the book “a clash of kings” hence the king playing cards.

It’s pretty vague for a Game of Thrones reference. Yes, those are four Houses, but there’s a fifth king, and I would caution against angering the Kraken.

I don’t know if there’s some attempted symbolism that I’m not getting here or not. Granted, not a whole lot of time has been spent on the different standards, but the Dragon has three heads, not six. Why is the stag holding an axe?

HBO may be expensive guys, but you know what’s less expensive? Reading the books.